Will you like to take this risk?

With the recent dive in price of steem might left many of us thinking what should we do? Consider this dip as a good starting point or re check our strategy and cash out from steem.

I am still very positive ans still keep increasing my SP but PAL coin really caught my eye. Not only I have got so many airdropped token for staking PAL coins but also I am getting PAL coins as a curation rewards. (Though curation rewards are very minute so my staked PAL amount.)

Amid this, I find really interesting to get hold of some PAL coins so that it not only increase your stake on airdrops (those who are taking staked PAL coin as basis of airdrops) but also increase you PAL curation rewards.

So how many of you increased your stake in PAL?

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You got a 100.00% upvote worth $0.038 from @upvotewhale courtesy of @r1s2g3!

19.07.2019 18:45