So what look better option now?

When user accumulates the steem power,user generally uses steem power for the economic benifit. The steem power can be delegated to the bid bot,user can keep its steem power and sell the votes or in third option, user can manually curate the content.

The question arises which is the most beneficial use of the steem power?



1.Delegation to bid bot.
This is the most easiest way to get benefits from your steem power but in this case your own steem power is delegated to some other and you are not able to use this delegated power for your own purpose. In short ,your effective steem power is reduced by the amount delegated.

2.Vote selling.
This is one of the options where you are owner of your steem power and share your voting power with bots/pthers and recive payment in return of your votes used by bot. This approach keep you in control of your SP and you can stop vote selling whenever you wish.

3.Manual curation.
With so many scot tribes in the fray, manual curation really become interesting if you are staking the multiple tokens.Currently there are no bid bot delegation available for the tribes so you are required to curate manually. Manual creation encourage the user to read the content but aren't we suppose to read it before upvoting?

I am optimistic that tribes will help in forging the relationship between content creator and curators and manual curation will be the crucial for forging that relation.

I think tribes will be changing the blogging space for good.

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I think tribes for now is the best

31.07.2019 17:16

yes, I think they are helping in more interaction that was missing in steemit.

01.08.2019 02:29

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02.08.2019 04:15

hi @r1s2g3

reality is that if anyone want to earn on STEEMit then such a person will fail. Using our fiat to purchase STEEM in order to delegate it in return for some ROI is not profitable.

Selling pressure within steem blockchain is very high and I can only see one direction for price of those tokens. Going down down down.

So powering up doesn't really make sense for those who want to earn some rewards.

For that reason I would choose manual curration. At least this way you can build some community around yourself and support people you value.

Wouldn't you agree?


04.08.2019 09:59

I hope this selling pressure and downward trend on this steem blockchain stop.
Manual curation become more interesting after the introduction of tribes and I also found that people become more interactive in small tribes as compared to the steemit.

04.08.2019 10:21

Which tribes are you being part of @r1s2g3?

05.08.2019 12:24

I am mainly post game related stuff, so I post in #battle #steemace . Since #palnet and #neoxian are all purpose tribe so I tag them too. If it is related to some money making advice then I use #steemleo too.

05.08.2019 14:31