Even a cheap cards can win matches for you + free card delegation

I personally feel that starter set given to user have very limited cards and sometime people not able to field the team at required mana cap. I was discussing this in discord server that card like Goblin mech ,Rusty ndroid and Sea Monster are the cheap card but quite useful in bronze/novice league. In that discussion desperad0s#7216 shared a amazing battle link involving Sea Monster


You can see in this battle how Sea Monster win the match in the end.

Sea monster is a very cheap card that you can buy for .02 cents to .04 cents currently. Even if you are not able buy this cheap card then hit me up is discord @r1s2g3#3383 or leave a comment here. I have 5 lvl 1 cards that I will be delegating for a month. Delegation is purely basis of first come first serve basis.

Enjoy the game!!!

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06.07.2019 02:47

Sea Monster is awesome card... Helped me a lot to reach Silver 2 and SIlver 1 league... I have replaced it with other card in my standard Water deck, but I'm still using it sometimes.. ;)

06.07.2019 06:00

Basic cards well played help a lot.

06.07.2019 16:09

You are right. I often use Sea monster - it is pretty good card

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07.07.2019 07:54