Trying Out The NEOXIAN Tribe



From the account name you may have already noticed it an alt account of me @reazuliqbal. So, why this account rather than my main account?

I have received 1000 NEOXAG from @zaku and just few minutes ago received an airdrop of another 500 NEOAXAG. All powered up in this account. I could have powered it up in my main account, if I did that I'd lose Steem voting power of my account for every vote I cast here. So, to conserve my main account's voting power I have created this account and would vote for contents tagged as neoxian. That would be my way of supporting this tribe. Of course I'd not vote indiscriminately, there would be moderation.

Currently my stake is not substantial in any way but I want to increase if I get the chance. Currently @zaku-ag is trailing this account. So, if I vote you you might as well get a healthy vote from him.

That is all for now. Let me test this out more. I might post some updates on what and how am I doing in this tribe later.

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I see people using alt accounts for different platforms like Neoxian. Yes, you can use your voting power more efficiently.

See you around, @reazuliqbal!

11.07.2019 00:40