a fly feast

A few of my summer shots for @balticbadger #mushroommonday photo challenge.

This is a very tiny nameless shroom (size comparable with a grown-up fly! its an ordinary fly, not some gigantic mutant species) that was growing on an old birch stump 3 steps from the doorsteps of my house. Luckily, it was a sunny morning and I happened to seize a good natural lighting. (All pics were taken in one shot, no stacking applied.)


I assume it must be tasty and useful, full of good nutrition elements... at least for the flies: look, it had such a feast, it couldnt even to take off!


By the way, these shrooms are very soft and delicate, they become cured and dry literally in a couple of days.

taken with Canon 5d + Sigma 150mm
location: countryside near St.Petersburg, Russia.

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Amazing shots! I see those around here too only the end result. I will have to keep my eye out for the young ones. Thanks! Really nice!

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14.10.2019 19:32

only the end result.

hehe, the end result can be turned into a good photo capture, too :)))
looking forward to more Mondays!
you give this dark gloomy day of the week a new colour now... :P

14.10.2019 19:35

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14.10.2019 19:37

@tipu curate

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14.10.2019 19:42
14.10.2019 19:43

strange fly, maybe it feeds exclusively on these mushrooms? )))
The color of her satisfying abdomen is interesting

странная муха, может она питается исключительно этими грибами? )))
Цвет её сытного брюшка интересный

14.10.2019 20:54

idk... imo, an ordinary Russian Grey Fly.

обычная серая назойливая, такая вот разновидность

14.10.2019 21:03

Abdomen too light for regular flies

Для обычной мушки слишком светлое брюшко

14.10.2019 21:49

уговорил!! мне попалась необычная мушка -- фунгифилка 8-)

14.10.2019 22:05


15.10.2019 06:00

The photo of the fly is impressively beautiful.

14.10.2019 22:29

Brilliant click

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15.10.2019 03:15

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15.10.2019 06:05

Looks likes a red trumpet sticking up out of the ground. Quite impressive! #fungifriday is another tag you can use🍄

16.10.2019 08:03
oh! you know about #fungifriday, this is so awesome!!
one of my 3 fave fun challenges here on steemit!
do you have some shrooms around, to share on fridays, or are you a happy habitant of a concrete-asphalt-neon megapolis?.. @ninahaskin
16.10.2019 08:47