my intro post (again!)


Hola! Greetings! Приветствия!

Is this my first community post, introductory post? Probably smth like that. I already had one on the steemit blockchain, two years ago, I thought we could not have another one, but here we go! Now we have a beautiful community mechanism, and here we go. I introduce myself once again. My warm greetings to all Parents of the Steemit blockchain.

Successful parenting is a very important issue (and a sore question) for me. I myself was born into an incomplete family, and I did not had a sufficient positive example before my eyes, when I was a kid myself. I still don't consider myself a good parent. My current family is my wife and our only child, who is rapidly approaching to her the dangerous teenage season. Old incapacitated parents of my wife also live together with us ... and the best member of our family, who always knows what to do and does everything right, is a cat.


Two (well, actually, three!) most important women in my life on the photo above.

What else I can add?

My wife gave birth to our child at quite an old age, both of us are not young, and it definitely is not a good thing - in your younger years parenting things cost you less energy and efforts, it is better not to wait too long to have children.


We tried to run it as closer to our baby as possible, used no baby carriage but baby slings (up to the age of four years), and the natural mammal milk nutrition.


Wife is taking lessons of wearing a babysling, on the photo above.
Maybe it is a no-surprise and usual, well-spread thing in more traditional cultures and countries of Afrika and Far East, but in Europe it the time it wasnt widely circulated thing.... it really took some will to dare to go this way, while everybody else look at it like a very strange and bizarre act, considering you to be 'a poor gypsy in need', thinking you might dont have money enough to purchase a baby carriage. Now, happily, the state of things, the common state of mind have changed on this.

We always tried to raise our baby using deeds, not words, making our own behavior a vivid example of "how to do it right". Pretty sadley, I should note it didnt worked quite well... not 100%.

At different age we tried to lure our baby and to develop her skills with drawings, dancing, reading. The thing with reading worked well, but not the dancing... as for the drawing - well, lets say: 50-50%. We have got at least something ;)

Both the Godfather and the Godmother on the photo below.


Legs-into-the-mouth: Classics!




Drawing. Everything is allowed!


Mother's little helper.


In the photo above, our cat helps the kid to calm down and do her homework (she is by 3 years older than our kid, she's already an old lady!)

I dunno what else to talk about, probably thats enought for now?
There are questions, a lot of damn questions on education and doing homework, doing dressing, earning money, helping parents and more, more, more...

There is no great intresting story inside the post, but I could not but welcome @canadian-coconut to enjoy my happy family visuals. I hope, the stories will follow too!

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So grateful to read this @qwerrie.
Using deeds, not words is the best parenting technique. But it's hard to follow. Also, we don't put the right intentions as well. I believe, we have many more things to learn from you.
Good to see all the wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing this.
A big hug!

23.05.2021 16:00

big hug is happily accepted :P

yes, good photos is the best part I can share.
I have accumulated a lot of them.

I believe, we have many more things to learn from you.

this is how I look at it, too -- sharing a little pleasurable experiences of playing together, learning some things (like, how-to's) and enjoyable schemes of time-spent-together.

23.05.2021 16:20


23.05.2021 17:03

TNKS. appreciated!

23.05.2021 17:15

Красивые фотографии, хороший пост.
Счастья и здоровья вам всем!

23.05.2021 20:44

пасиба за благопожелания! они ой как надобятся... нормализовать отношения, самое главное. вчера именно этим весь день как раз занимался, в компании друзей-стимианцев ))))

23.05.2021 21:23

удачно? :-)

23.05.2021 21:45

hello dear @qwerrie good afternoon
I loved your presentation, I admire the way you write.
Undoubtedly, there are many things that go into raising a child. I really appreciate the support you provide to our community
Have a beautiful afternoon and a happy start to the week

23.05.2021 20:48


23.05.2021 21:30

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24.05.2021 10:48

@qwerrie its a great pleasure to have you in Parent club and to also learned from your experience..
We will win together.

25.05.2021 06:38

:=) wish you well, my friend!

25.05.2021 08:45

What a beautiful family you have!

26.05.2021 19:59

ehehe. well, thats true. but we have problems as well, and I dont take pics of nervous breakdowns, crying and tears, nobody does - so it stays off the frame.

wish you well, and your family too!

26.05.2021 22:21

As it should be. Just remember, it's the breakdowns, crying and tears that bring you closer. It releases stress and purifys the heart. There is no shame in being emotional, it shows we have feelings and separates us from the uncaring, unfeeling robots. The best thing you can do for someone releasing, let em and comfort them. In the case of youth, it also gets your attention.

Thanks for the well wishes and same to you and your beautiful family.

27.05.2021 08:48

🤗 😉

pizza also unites. our baby entered the teenage phase (12 y.o.), now it would be hurricanes!...
I hope my wife and me survive ththru it!

ps. how many babies have you raised, if I may ask?..

27.05.2021 10:29

2 unfortunately my son died of congestive heart failure at the age of 32. My daughter has two children and her daughter has a 1 year old. So I have 2 grandkids and 1 great grand child. I was raised in a family of 8 kids. I always loved babies and kid's of all ages. I worked with juvenile deliquents for 10 years, retired for awhile then went to work for job corps working with the students as a residential advisor.

28.05.2021 08:23

o-ooo!! your experience is immensive. nothing to compare with my tiny one.

28.05.2021 08:37