magic mushroom of uncertain qualities

judging by his turned inside out look-out -- the hat is crooked up, poor fella! -- this mushroom might have a real trip... I conclude that he has a bunch of "wrong", but very nice qualities. totally a wrong mushroom for your soup, but a right one for your inner trip. by the way, he appeared on a dunghill at my countryhouse.
судя по тому, как его "заколбасило" (видели, как всю шляпку перекорежило у бедного парня?), "приход" был нехилый... я думаю, что в нем до фига "всяких" неправильных, но очень приятных качеств. неправильный гриб для вашего супа, но правильный для путешествия внутрь себя. кстати, вырос он не где-нибудь, а на навозной куче на моем участке...


taken with Canon 5d +Sigma 150mm tele-macro

I provided this for @mushroommonday initiative by @balticbadger

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damn this looks like several of the ones that appear around my house... only if I knew this before.

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30.09.2019 21:25

Did you have a Nice trip? 😊

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30.09.2019 22:49

well, I am obviously joking here. it is not that kind of a shroom... unfortunately. @norwegiansteem

30.09.2019 23:23

Haha 😁 it was too good to be true 😉

01.10.2019 06:30

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01.10.2019 07:22

That one is funny ^^ like he is bowing to you politely ;)

01.10.2019 07:34


those twisted-tangled shrooms are always great to take amazing pictures (check the latest #fungifriday post by @borjan, I reblogged - simply amazing images!)
have a !BEER, my friend
hope it will not go bad along with your job today!

01.10.2019 07:59

Hehe .. it counts as a solvent mixture here, so a beer is working equiptment .. also no one will visit me this week in the lab ^^

01.10.2019 11:20

View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @adalger, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

01.10.2019 08:00

танец в сомбреро)))
ну или мексиканец уснул)))

01.10.2019 14:26

хаха, да, точняк!! я потом фас покажу -- точно мексика )))


01.10.2019 14:40

вот)) а вот холодильник у меню...опустел :(...

01.10.2019 15:01

ты, эта, не только меня угощай. давай других френдов подмазывай ))

01.10.2019 18:48

таки, и такое случается, но больше в ответ)) Надо блюсти вежливость, однако.., а пивного погребка пока нема)))

01.10.2019 18:50

That is one twisted shroomsie!!
Great light on it :)

01.10.2019 15:43

The canon did a great job

01.10.2019 17:58

and me? and me? =)

01.10.2019 18:13