Ladoga skerries' stone pyramids

Ladoga skerries' stone pyramids

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Again I am sharing some stones I have harvested at Ladoga skerries -- this time for a nice contest \The Piled Stone Phenomenon!\ by @kus-knee. If you can share your photos, please join the fun, you are warmly welcome.

Do you remember the Stonehedge?.. Looking at the pics coming from different parts of the globe, putting stones into pyramids seems to be quite an ancient sort of fun, humans used to.

Three years ago I had a boat trip with my family across the Lagoda skerries. One day we made a night stop at a little bay which apparently served as a favorite stopping place for many other travelers. This bay (a) had a pebble beach, full of stones of different sizes, mainly medium and small; (B) it had a cool shoreline of huge whole granite boulders. I don’t know the exact reason, but perhaps this particular set of reasons (and maybe something else ... maybe just an example of the first traveler who started that pattern?) ...led to this pattern that every traveler who stopped there, left a pyramid behind. This "ice-melted", granite shore, laden with many small cute pyramids, inspired .... no, just REQUESTED to create your own pyramid there. Which of course I did.

I have this illustration provided by one of my team mates, the shot is not mine -- I didnt borrowed camera with me. I was into the making, not into taking pictures. Same with the next two pics, where you can see me and my babygirl. 

Great to have friends by your side, when we need them! (and especially with cameras).

Late time and poor lighting did not allow me to take photographs, and the next morning we quickly turned up the camp and I was not up to photographing.

the next day...

The next island we stopped was the last stand -- our boat already was going backwards, so we were granted a lot of free time... and it was the last opportunity for this trip, to venture into the pyramid-making business. The shore was rich with stones, and my pyramid obsession (inspired by our last stand) was very sufficient.

This time there were many other children in the team, they joined us. We cooperated our efforts: I was lifting big stones from the foot of the rock to its top, and the children piled them together with medium and little ones, they were finding around themselves.

Each one made his own pyramid. It was so much fun!!

After we finished, I took camera and created a few dozen of images -- believe me or not but I couldnt stop, I tried to find the best angle, to make "the best shot" etc -- the every shot I took seemed perfect to me. Such a trap for the photographer!

Actually, I think I already have shared some pics from this session I consider my faves (no children, just the stones and the mossy ground), but I cant find the link to that certain post. I really have to start making an index to my publications, as @bambuka advised me...

Ok, probably that is all. I want to share a few other pics in this post as a bonus, just dont feel they are worth creating a separate blog; these are from the same travel, I found them in the same folder.

A stone gem decorated with lichens. Isnt it a splendid Faberge Egg, created by Mother nature?

As far as I know, there even exists such a way of attributing the authenticity of cave paintings and, more broadly, other stuff - if there is lichens on them, then most likely the phenomenon exists for more than a hundred years (hundred years ago, people more likely were not yet interested in making fakes). Looking at this stone above, one wonders involuntarily: God! this stone was sitting quietly at this very spot for more than three hundred years — which is longer than the whole history of Romanoff's — the last Russian imperial house.

We named this one:

Good bye! Thank you for visiting --

And, have a great travels!


taken with Canon 350D +Sigma 50mm 1.4

location: Ladoga skerries, Karelia, Russia

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26.12.2019 13:39

Lovely to leave your mark in a family of stones, nicely photographed @qwerrie

26.12.2019 14:02

grand merci, Joan.

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26.12.2019 21:06

Wonderful ! I love cairns ! and so does @luigi-the-gnome too 😄

dpm5rr.jpg but I confess we didn't built this one, it was there when we arrived... 😉
The ones your children made were beautiful, and you are right : this makes great shots on any angle indeed ^_^

26.12.2019 22:14

thank you and Luigi! (tho I have to clear up: only one of that babies is my; the rest were my team-mates' children, i have only one daughter).

this lake is astonishing. I assume it is in the mountains and probably thanks to some minerals dissolved in the water, it has such a magic azure colour. I never witnessed myself a !DERANGED scene like this. Charming!

26.12.2019 22:21

deranged You just received DERANGED @barbara-orenya Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at

26.12.2019 22:21

ой крутотень! очень красиво, я такое люблю)

27.12.2019 01:45

всячески с вами соглашаюсь!
а есть чем поучаствовать в конкурсе?
по ссылке на конкурс, посмотрите, есть еще более впечатляющие фотографии - на Азорских островах какое-то местечко, просто сотни пирамидок на одном пятачке!

27.12.2019 10:16

Great post with lots of interesting pics!

27.12.2019 06:35

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27.12.2019 06:47

Family stones :)

28.12.2019 04:22

Nice place. Прикольное место )

29.12.2019 17:43

Ladoga skerries is a beautiful land. Both in terms of leizure time, vacations, or intresting photo stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

29.12.2019 18:06

Stacked pretty
I heard this can pray Blessed
Blessed to come

05.01.2020 02:43
thank you! if it resulted anything... we never know!
05.01.2020 02:47

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