hunting for ducklings (with telephoto eye) - 16 foto

(with telI managed to establish a regular walks toestablish walks with my stubborn growing k with my growing almost-teenager-babygirl on weekends, we take wheat bread to feed birdies, and I arm myself with a telephoto lens (I own a cheap ordinary 70-300mm Canon, nothing special). It is not great, but enough for getting some pics of the shy birdies that dont are not willing to come closer, even being suggested a treats...


So, recently I got tonns of new photos of ducks, pigeons, sparrows...

Today I am sharing some duck and ducklings pics.


This is how the park look like - the bank part lod.




Yesterday I have posted a few starlings captures (much more to come in the next posts, after I apply some post-production). Starlings are really handsome nature's editions! But the greatest thing, that happened during this recent walk, was that we witnessed a lot of ducklings (this year new edition). And also I have witnessed (and captured) a beautiful set of four pigeons having a bath. Hope to share it in the community soon. It was very spectacular.


Ofc we checked the hatchings of grebe and coot ducks (they are still there, no chicks arrived yet), feeded to starlings and pigeons all the bread we had with us, and - voyla! - we noticed the common ducks have got the ducklings. We enjoyed meeting, watching and feeding 3 or 4 families. The last of them was only one baby; one woman passing by told us it were two babies a few days ago... probably one already didnt survived the life. What a cruel world.


But generally - the population goes on. Ducks are not going to die out and do not threaten to disappear from the face of the Earth.


This was the 1st duck family we noticed. They were not willing to accept our food and pose, and sloly drifted away into the reeds -- leaving us with not much great photos.


A few cropped sections of the photo above.


Those youngsters are so cute!!


My baby note their beak and consider - imagine! - that all of them are smiling at her!


Ducks are known to feed on algae, stuff of this kind; they also willingly eat bread. But not this time - they ignored the abandoned pieces of bread (one can be seen in the photo), drifting into the reeds, where young ducklings began to look for food. I'm probably wrong, but it's possible that our food got in the way - we showed up right in the middle of a lesson teaching children how to find food for themselves ... we humans, with our package of bread, are not included in the training course ...


Как известно, утки питаются водорослями, стафф такого рода; хлеб они тоже охотно поедают. Но не в этот раз - брошенные кусочки хлеба (на фото можно увидеть один) они игнорировали, дрейфуя в тростники, где молодые утята начали искать себе пропитание. Я возможно ошибаюсь, но возможно что наше угощение помешало - мы явились как раз посредине урока, обучающего деток как искать себе еду... мы, люди, с нашим пакетом хлеба не входим в учебный курс....



Below is another duck family we met.


This time they accepted our food delivery service!


Ducklings with our treats, maybe my fave capture of that day; my babygirl approved the choice!

location: St.Petersburg, Russia May 2021 natural lighting
camera/lens: Canon 5D 70-300mm raw-conv.

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You captured beautiful pictures of those ducks and your teenage daughter.

03.06.2021 18:51

thank you! glad you enjoy the visuals.

03.06.2021 19:20

Very nice shots!! Sharp lens!

03.06.2021 19:35

Ваш пост приглянулся модератору @mister-omortson


04.06.2021 08:25

so cute we have so many here on the canal, there was a whole little bunch of goslings but they all seem to have died :(

04.06.2021 08:51

uh..... why they did not survive, do you have any idea why so?..

we have no goose at all here where I live. a pity. last time I saw them in my childhood! heh...

04.06.2021 11:30

sorry my bad i meant cygnets. They are trying to work out and do wonder if the canal is just too dirty :(

04.06.2021 12:02

ah! and it is, right?..

04.06.2021 12:21

sorry went between my regular and photography page then lol i try and separate the two.

04.06.2021 12:30

I appreciated your photography page. do not have any sufficient fashion beauty portrait sessions in my folio, tho I love the janre as well.

04.06.2021 12:45

I try to seperate as i feel that the fashion photography is so juxtaposed with the spiritual art unless i accidentally post wrong, which happens occsaionally. I havn't done any photographer since the march before last and the beginning of covid! i had a wedding postponed three times already!!!

04.06.2021 17:33

oh sh.... one same wedding, postponed 3 times? damn, too bad. I wonder how mankind and economy will overgo this sh.... heh. I spent 14 months totally jobless (was unlucky to leave my previous job on January 1 - right before the sh... started - can you imagine that? just my bad luck )

so, Steem to the Moon and all this stuff. really hope it will bring us somewhere (in terms of payout). btw - I am also on Hive. things look like more charming on that blockchain.

04.06.2021 18:20

do you do photography as a job or hobby?x

04.06.2021 17:33

thats a hobby, a passion to images :) my occupation is prepress engineer / book designer, I love to watch images, love to improve / process them / even doing the dewatermark things, hehe. stuff like that.


04.06.2021 18:14

Super cool

04.06.2021 14:47

Grazie Mille!

04.06.2021 15:09

You're welcome

04.06.2021 23:55

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