2021 starlings and other stories

The Best Photo of The Week - starling's feeding

This is my entry for THE BEST PHOTO OF THE WEEK

Birds feeding! This is my new hobby. Well, I work just as an assistant, my babygirl is the boss, she is doing the main job, I just refill food supplies, and carry the bag... with camera and telephoto lens. No kidding! Seriously, recently it was my job almost on a weekly basis. Took a load of photos. . .

Pigeons is my baby's first and top, absolute passion, then come the sparrows and ducks. And recently there showed up a seagull that visit us exactly at home. Fantastic!


So, we often grab a wheat bread, a packet of millet groats (or pearl barley) and head to the local park, where we have a pond with ducks. And there are crowds of other visitors, as well...




heresheres a lot of photographers around, too :)))
They came here with same intentions, as us - huntingducks.





I stumbled upon a nice scene - a small club of pigeons decided to take a bath. Luckily, I witnessed the scene and took a dozen of funny captures. This was just of them.



Pigeons have a sharp eye when it concerns a food giveaway for free. They come momentarily in huge packs, theres a rivalry, some of them prefer even to walk over other folks heads and backs, to rush closer to the food.

Frankly speaking, I dont like pigeons. But I am not in charge here... (I am only in charge of the camera, tise).

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he is)

She is the boss, as I already have mentioned. And she prefes :P

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int )

Aint the duck is smiling at us here? Whathink?

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Myself, I feel more fascinated with starlings and sea gulls.


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I have witnessed a splendid scene of feeding, though one naughty pigeon rushed in and tried to spoil my captures. But I've got still enough to illustrate a decent post -- I definitely will tell you this photo story in a separate post. It is worth it.

Ok, thanks for the visit, and next time!

location: St.Petersburg, Russia June 2021 natural lighting
camera/lens: Canon 5D Sigma 150mm raw-conv.

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All images taken by me, copyright (c) @qwerrie

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Ваші фото @qwerrie дуже круті. Я вважаю, що вас недооцінюють тут...

11.06.2021 21:24

спасибі на доброму слові, Ольга.
що ще тут можна додати.


12.06.2021 08:13

Мені надзвичайно прикро, що тут немає справедливого оцінювання. Можливо ви знаєте, чи є системний аккаунт, а можливо чат, де можна висловлювати свої запитання до @steemcurators?

17.06.2021 08:23

the only place I know, is @steemitblog...
but expressing his / its name should work too,-- sometimes he / it react back and talk. as far as I noticed a few times here and there, in comments section

17.06.2021 13:19