Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road


Today, let me introduce you to some of the ‘residents’ of Parque la Paloma – the park with a difference. You met some of them in my previous posts.

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A rooster
chicken aaa.jpg

Roosters and hens and chicks
chicken b.jpg

At first it was kind of refreshing. You step into the park and you see all these chickens, ducks, pigeons all over the place. I bet you have never heard roosters crow, nor chickens cackle, nor chicks go cheep, cheep, cheep in a park. But there are so many roosters and they keep on with the crowing non stop. Very soon it becomes annoying and you wish they would stop. However, after a while you just get used to it.

chicks a.jpg

If you have some crumbs or corns to spare, the chickens and pigeons and doves will follow you around. I have nothing to offer, so I don’t get a following.

Last year, I saw a peacock in the park. There are supposed to be two in there. This year, I haven’t seen any of them. The one I saw last year looked rather old. So, maybe, they have passed on.

I managed to see this though. It looks like a turkey, or maybe a distance cousin of the turkey family. Unfortunately, it is rather shy and won’t stay still enough for me to take a picture. I had to chase it around for a shot and it eventually disappeared into one of the bushes.



I saw a couple of cats in the park too. They were just lazing around. Maybe they are waiting for dinner time. There are plenty of chickens, doves and pigeons in the park. If they are good hunters, they will never go hungry.

Finally, why did the chicken crossed the road? Because they wanted to get away from the park. This is a fact. There are so many chickens on the other side of the road, near the apartments. I wouldn’t want to live in those apartments. I think the roosters would drive me mad.

duck 1.jpg

A duck wanted to cross the road. The chicken said, “Oh, you don’t want to do that. You will never hear the end of it.”


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nice tale and pictures.

04.07.2019 11:01

Thank you for taking a look. :-)

04.07.2019 13:55

More sbi coming to you soon my friend

04.07.2019 11:53

Thank you @teenagecrypto. Are you on a buying spree? :-)

04.07.2019 13:56

Roosters crowing is one of those sounds that I imagine can be charming, and then become annoying. I like the joke about the duck. I'll tell that to my grandkids today.

04.07.2019 14:51

Hi Jon. I know someone will appreciate the joke. :-)

04.07.2019 15:39

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06.07.2019 00:59

Thank you for your support @helpiecake and @livvu. Much appreciated - as always. :-)

06.07.2019 09:48

lol! very funny sir Vincent! Hey that one bird is a Guinea fowl. That's what we had here before the coyotes ate them. the roosters would drive you mad. You mean madder! lol.

07.07.2019 22:54

Howdy Jonboy. Guinea fowl it must be then, since you said so. Who am I to argue with you right? lol

08.07.2019 10:36

Well we raised them so I'm very familiar with them, they are one strange bird! lol. I think they're super ugly and boy are they stupid!

08.07.2019 16:58