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Frangipani – also known by its scientific name as Plumeria, can be divided into two main groups, the Plumeria obtusa and the Plumeria rubra. Obtusa plumerias have rounded shiny leaves while the rubra have duller pointed leaves. The Obtusa frangipani generally has white flowers and a strong fragrance while the rubra has colorful flowers but less scent.



Frangipanis are common in Singapore, but they are actually native to the rocky, sandy coasts of the Caribbean and Central America.

Apparently, the nocturnal fragrance of the flowers is believed to be linked to spirits and may attract these supernatural beings at night. That is why people who are superstitious do not plant frangipanis near their homes.

Flowers of the frangipani tree come in shades of pink, yellow, white, red and multi-colours, and they have a very nice fragrant – especially in the evenings or in the early mornings.







The flowers can be used to make essential oils, perfumes, lotions, and candles. Or, they can be used as offerings in temples, or made into garlands called lei. The wood of the frangipani tree is white, light and soft, and can be used for the manufacturing of musical instruments, tableware and furnitures.



Frangipani plants can grow to be large shrubs or even small trees. They are deciduous and sensitive to cold. Frangipani is known to possess a poisonous, milky sap.


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