Donkeys and Goats and...

Amongst the animals in the Parque la Paloma, or Park of the Doves – a park with a difference, there are two donkeys and a dozen goats.

Click Here to read more about the park.

The park works with the El Refugio del Burrito, or The Donkey Sanctuary to house these two abused animals. Sadly, they are looking rather old, weak and tired.


donkey 1.jpg

donkey c.jpg

donkey f.jpg

There are about a dozen goats. But it is impossible to get them together for a group photo.

goat 2.jpg

goat 3.jpg

There is a sign that says do not feed the goats, but people either don’t care or couldn’t read. I see people plucking leaves off this tree and feeding them. The goats seem to like them as they would all rush for them when the children stick the leaves through the fence.

goat food.jpg

goat 1.jpg

A green Parrot on the tree. Can you see it? It blends in with the leaves, so it is a bit difficult to see. According to my friend, they have been trying to cull the parrots, because they are breeding too quickly and are too noisy. Maybe that is why I don’t see as many of them this year.

The rabbits are nibble on their feet, and they don’t like to be photographed. I have to chase them for these shots. There are two in the first picture - a white one and a grey one on the right hand side of the photo.
rabbit a.jpg


There is still no sign of the peacock that was there last year. I have been to the park many times and had kept a look out for it, but no luck till now. Maybe it has passed on.


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Comments 13

Have you left Spain and are home again?

12.07.2019 13:10

Hi there @willowwisp. I am still in Spain. Another four weeks. :-)

12.07.2019 13:24

living the life ! haha

13.07.2019 06:12


13.07.2019 10:40

The dishes there looked delicious and so much cheaper. Eat more before u come back.

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13.07.2019 11:08

You should know me by now. I am never particular when it comes to food. :-)

13.07.2019 12:37

Goats!! How fun! I love the donkeys, too. I've always wanted one.

12.07.2019 13:46

Those two donkeys in the post are endangered species. The notice didn't say what species they are though.

13.07.2019 10:54

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12.07.2019 17:35

Thank you @esteemapp for your support - as always.

13.07.2019 10:58

Howdy sir Vincent! Hey I could clear out those parrots for them! And what in the world is a donkey doing wearing socks??

16.07.2019 04:48

Howdy Jonboy. The donkeys were abused animals rescued from farms. They are old, and not feeling so good. I understand the socks are to keep the flies off them.

16.07.2019 10:17

oh! very interesting. I've never seen such a thing. The flies around here could go through material unless it's freaking ....that bullet proof vest material...I can't remember what it's called but I will as soon as I send this! lol.

16.07.2019 17:51