Choa Chu Kang Park

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Choa Chu Kang park is 10 minutes walk from where I am. The park doesn’t look all that big. So, I was surprised to learn that it is 11 hectares.

The park provides a wide spectrum of leisure activities for everyone of all ages. It is a good place to take the whole family, as there are some activities for every one.

Facilities of the park include four different playground areas comprising sand play, a pyramid climbing net, a train-inspired playground, a giant swing, and many other interesting play equipment. It is a play wonderland for the kids.



Part of the park is set aside for a community garden. The park provides allotment plots for anyone who wishes to have their own space to garden. Each plot can be leased for three years for a small fee. These plots are very popular. They are quickly taken up, and there are queues for them. The community garden is a good way for the nearby residents and the gardening communities to socialize.

They are looking a bit unkempt because of the Covid-19 restrictions.


There are quite a variety of vegetables in these little pods/plots - bitter gourd, okra, long beans, egg-plants, tomatoes, chilli padi, spinach, lettuce ... and a variety of herbs and spices - lemon grass, pandan leaves, mint... fruits like bananas, papayas, guavas...

Papaya tree with young papayas

Long beans


Chilli padis


They call this the ‘four-corner’ beans in Mandarin


A recent addition to the park is the Therapeutic garden. It is specially designed with features that bring about restorative effects to our mental well-being and to relieve stress. The garden includes edible and fragrant plants, a calming water feature, and is wheelchair-friendly.



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There is also a restaurant for those who want some food or refreshments after a good workout. Or you can have some food after a leisurely walk, or a leisurely walk after dinner, or simply to have a meal in a different setting. So, it is easy to see why the restaurant is popular, and doing well.

Beside the restaurant is a sizeable amphitheatre that is used for cultural performances during the evenings and on weekends. There are fitness corners, and a multi-purpose court for exercising, and dancing. In the mornings, there are groups of people doing Tai Chi. During the weekends, there are groups doing the Zumba.

There is also a small skate plaza for amateur young skateboarders to practice. With broad tarmac pathways, the park is ideal for walking, jogging and cycling. So you see, the park is designed for the whole family, something for everyone, depending on what your interests are.

A corner of the park is fenced off. Rumour has it that they are building a clubhouse. We shall see.
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