A Stroll in the Park

It is only a small park. But the park provides a wide spectrum of leisure activities for everyone of all ages. It is a good place to take the whole family, as there is something for the everyone young or old - playgrounds, community gardens, fitness corners, a multi-purpose court for exercising, and dancing, a small skate plaza for amateur young skateboarders, broad tarmac pathways for walking, jogging and cycling, a restaurant, a sizeable amphitheatre that is used for cultural performances during the evenings and on weekends.

Here are some pictures from the walk.

The restaurant is open again. It was closed for about three months because of the lockdown. Now that the lockdown was partially lifted, the restaurant can open for business again albeit with restrictions and safety measurements in place.

I do not know what this. I think it is a herbal plant of some sort.

This look like mint, but I suspect it is something else.

Could this be dill?

This I know for sure. They are Chilli padis. Very spicy


Some maize?

Sweet potato leaves. They can be stir-fried with some dried prawns, and served as a vegetable dish. You can add some chilli sambal if you like spicy food.

A yam plant

A couple of sugar cane plants.

These sugar cane plants are ready to be consumed.

Not sure about these.

Or these.

This is a bush of Jasmine - if I am not mistaken

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11.07.2020 03:17

Howdy sir Vincent! Hey, you need one of those apps where you take a photo and it tells you what the plant is. How's the virus going over there, is it gone yet?
We set another Texas record today and another national record of 67,000 new cases. lol. I think the death toll is 138,000.

12.07.2020 03:19

To use the App, I would need data for the phone. I am a poor retiree. Can't afford the indulgence. I am using a prepaid card for my phone.

The virus will not go away so easily. Given people's attitude towards it, there will be second waves and maybe third waves. Unfortunately, there is still no cure for stupidity. So, we will have to live with the virus for a while yet.

We recorded 191 cases yesterday. But most of them were from the foreign workers' dormitories . Only 7 were Singaporeans or PRs.

I wonder your compatriot detractors still think that it is only a 'little flu'.

12.07.2020 06:05

Sir Vincent! What is the population of Singapore? Texas is 30 million. I don't watch alot of information from people who think the virus is a little flu but in the last couple of weeks I have seen clips of 2 different people saying that so I have no idea how they can be smart enough to even survive in the world. lol.

But it sounds like your government needs to quarantine any foreign workers when they get there.

22.07.2020 02:49

Population of Singapore - 5.6 million.

At the moment, no foreign workers are allowed in. Those that are here already stay in dormitories, and they are also under lockdown. They will all be tested for the Covid-19 virus. After that, they will be allocated new dormitories and allowed to go to work, if they are tested negative. If they are tested positive - they will be quarantined.

Our daily new cases are between 150 to 300. Most of them are foreign workers from the dormitories. Singaporeans or PRs numbers are between 1 to 10 per day.

The US is experiencing a resurgence. over 60,000 cases a day. That is a lot. All the earlier efforts, money, lockdown, and inconveniences wasted, and maybe having to start all over again, because some people think it is just 'a little flu' and they are exercising their rights by not letting the government force them to wear a mask. No wonder US is such a mess.

I have got a part time job - posting on Steem. But I don't think I make enough to cover a data plan for my phone. lol

22.07.2020 05:15

lol...your part time job is pretty pitiful in income production!
Who said the U.S. was a mess? The foreign press only presents the negatives is what I heard.

There are many, many great things happening here and we are doing great in most areas except financially it's an insane basketcase.

As far as the virus numbers, here in Texas the infections and deaths have dropped for the 5th day in a row so it looks like we're on the healing side of it now.

But alot of people are still idiots. lol.

26.07.2020 02:26

Yep, my part time income is pitiful. I hope you are adding to the coffers.

Did I touched a patriotic nerve? Sorry dear. I must be following the wrong press. I am sure your president will make it great again. lol

26.07.2020 04:01

lol...no not a patriotic nerve, I just follow the real data and none of that is on the mainstream media.

I'm not a big fan of our current president, in fact most of the time he's disgusting in the way he acts but he HAS been very effective in cutting taxes and stopping many socialist and globalist attempts at taking over our country.

Aside from that, it doesn't really matter who is president as long as they don't tax us and regulate us to death, the economy will come roaring back and set new records.

29.07.2020 02:25

So many conspiracy theorists out there - it is amazing. Unfortunately, there are fools who believe them.

Well, the economy won't be roaring back for a while. You just have to be patient for a bit more.

29.07.2020 06:11

Howdy sir Vincent! Well parts of it are already roaring back and here in Texas things are exploding in growth!

The conspiracy theorists are indeed amazing. I used to listen to them but after about 30 years of them saying what is going to happen and it never happens I stopped listening. lol...I'm a slow learner!

02.08.2020 03:44

Howdy Jonboy. Glad to hear that your economy is exploding in growth.

By the way, be careful when you venture out. Watch your steps or you might just fall off the edge of the Earth. Did anyone tell you that the Earth has become flat overnight?

02.08.2020 12:50