A Piece of Pottery

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This was a gift from a friend, many years ago. Awkward was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this. It was quite a big piece of pottery – neither a vase, nor plate, nor bowl. I didn’t know what to do with it. But since it was a gift, I kept it anyway. I moved it about, trying to find a place where it would be comfortable, where it would fit in, but it didn’t seem to fit in anywhere.

Through the years, it got moved about a bit, and was always somewhere in the background, reminding me to do something with it. Recently, it seemed to be calling out to me to put it to use, to give it purpose. So, I am determined to find a use for it. I tried a few things....

... this ...

... and this...

... and this...

But they either looked unnecessary, or a bit bare or too crowded.

As it happened, I am in the process of experimenting planting money plants in little bottles. So, I am thinking what if I do this – use the potter to put all my little bottles of money plants.



I will need to collect a few more of these little bottles, and hope that my experiment with the money plants work. I will post results of my project later on.

Meanwhile, I have snipped a few bits of the money plant, and put them together in a bigger bottle. I will transplant them when I see signs of roots or shoots. It is less work this way. Save me the trouble of changing water for every bottle.


As I worked on the idea of the money plants, it occurred to me that I could just use the pottery as a pot for the money plants. Money plants are very hardy plants, and it might just work. The more I think about it, the more I think it is a good idea. But meanwhile, let me experiment with the bottles first.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ th - Copy.jpg ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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