Wednesday Walk

The sovereign invigorator of the body is exercise, and of all the exercises walking is the best. - Thomas Jefferson


Observe the surroundings when you walk - the plants and flowers, the weeds and grass, you will see the wonders of nature. Your walk will not be so taxing, or boring. It will be more pleasurable. Most importantly, you exercise your mind, mentally too.

Here are some pictures taken on my walk.


The sky so clear. This is a rarity in the tropics. Usually, it's very cloudy like in the first picture.

Some flowers. I don't know what these are.


Happened to look up a tree and there was this huge moth.

Here's a closer look at the moth.

And here's a tiny butterfly. There are a lot of them nowadays because the weeds haven't been cut due to the Covid-19 measures. The butterflies, dragonflies and grasshoppers make a pleasant change. I quite enjoy seeing them around.

Another tiny butterfly - if you can spot it. They are either very camera shy or they are very busy. Never stay still long enough for their picture to be taken.

Weed flowers. Again, we are only seeing these, because the weeds had grown. Now I see tiny weed flowers of all colours dotting the path. Nice. Unfortunately, one would need a proper camera to capture them. They just don't show up well on phone cameras.


A tree with cherry like fruits.

A tree with buds ready to bloom.


A tree in full bloom.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ th - Copy.jpg ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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04.07.2020 03:51

Very interesting sir Vincent! The wonders of nature never cease but most people are too busy to notice them.

07.07.2020 04:37

Howdy Jonboy. Indeed.

07.07.2020 15:09