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When editing a new blog post on, the layout is a bit annoying with the text editor at the top and the preview at the bottom. It makes editing posts difficult because you have to keep scrolling up and down to see the preview and go back typing.

@stoodkev has introduced a side-by-side editing / preview in his SteemPlus, Chrome extension, that modifies pages on-the-fly. However, the release of Communities has broken few features including the side-by-side editing. This was the trigger for me to finally have a look at it and implement a built-in feature.

Steemit Condenser Contributions

The work done

To achieve the layout I had to modify both the DOM and the CSS that controls the editor in order to re-arrange the layout and make it responsive (make it adapt to all screen sizes).

Here is the desktop version:
Side by side editing and preview

It also works in night mode:
Night mode side-by-side

In narrow screens, the preview pane behaviour is unchanged and will sit below the editor.

I also had to modify the files for the comment editor as they share the same editor logic. When creating a comment, there will be no side-by-side feature but there is a slight change in design as seen below:
Comment editor new look

Steemit Condenser Pull Request

This feature is not out yet, a pull request has been created:

Once approved and merged, it will be available in a future release by Steemit Inc.

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Nice work. An obugh on my end it still doesn’t work sidtm seems broken. I mean one types a name and instead of being redirected to their profile, some random comments from 2 years back appear.

It would have been cool it it was upgraded like on the other front ends, with auto complete and working properly.

21.02.2020 10:53

If I'm not wrong, this issue has already been raised with the dev team. I will follow up with them.

21.02.2020 11:05

Regarding side-by-side, as mentioned at the bottom of the post, it's pending for approval by Steemit devs.

21.02.2020 11:06

Oops. Missed that

21.02.2020 11:07

That's great. Thanks for this.

I was hoping this feature would make it through - it helps a lot when I am editing the long Steem News posts.

21.02.2020 11:45

It’s being reviewed now, hopefully will get out soon

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22.02.2020 00:47

That's great.

22.02.2020 14:15

Thanks @quochuy, it's sorely needed. One of the reasons i currently use steempeak instead.

Happy to have you here. Voted for you as witness.


ps. I would appreciate you investigating the upcoming Matrix-8 platform which offers an inovative multi level governance system. I have a strong conviction this will be VERY helpful for Steem, and/especially for "saving the world" in general.

Please take a look at my latest post and the white paper linked within to begin to get an idea. I am seeking developers to build this on Steem. Perhaps you can help?

21.02.2020 12:09

Thank you 😊

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22.02.2020 00:48

that's so great. i don't know about IT but i think when you do it for Steemit, it's so useful. thank you so much.

21.02.2020 15:12


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22.02.2020 00:47

Good work ;)

21.02.2020 17:39

Thanks mate

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22.02.2020 00:49

Superb developments there, moving up and down just to have a view on what you've written down is a hectic. Glad seeing hopes of the request being merged and a later released on the next...

For that and many other reasons, casting my vote on your witness in a few.

22.02.2020 06:04

Will we have the option to choose between side-by-side view and top to bottom view?

22.02.2020 08:02

If it gets approved and released and I get enough request for a toggle then I’ll add it. For now it will display side by side if it has enough space else it will render top to bottom.

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22.02.2020 08:04

Sometimes I like to sit comfortably, far away from a screen hanging on the wall, as I prepare my posts. Might need a pair of binoculars if the words get any smaller. There's nothing worse than publishing a post, then noticing seven hours later, you wrote penis instead of pens.

if it has enough space else it will render top to bottom.

So I could simply hold ctrl and scroll the mouse wheel within the browser, zooming in and out, and that would place the preview below? If that's the case, that's all the toggle I need.

22.02.2020 08:16

Yes, zooming in would trigger it.
Also the font size has not changed. So even if it’s side by side it should be the same.

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22.02.2020 08:56

Alright @quochuy. Thanks for taking the time to respond and also, keep up the good work.

22.02.2020 09:16

22.02.2020 16:04

I like this as long as it's a feature that can be turned off.

22.02.2020 22:13