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I recently realised that the Steemit Condenser app doesn't support RSS feeds. I mean, you cannot access any of our content feeds in RSS format for integration with other news aggregators such as Flipboard or or the popular Zapier and IFTTT. RSS is an old technology but still in use today by many services so I thought it would be worth spending some time implementing one for Steemit.

My first thought was to use the existing code and just override the output to RSS instead of HTML but it was a bigger challenge than I thought. But thanks to @netuoso for pointing me to the right direction by mentioning the existence of a JSON API: by adding .json to the end of a Steemit URL, you can access the JSON format of the page you are on, for example my profile URL is

Using the same principal, I implemented a set of scripts that allows you to access RSS feed of various URLs by just adding .rss to them.

Here is an example of my blog posts as an RSS feed:
User blog posts as RSS Feed

Current support

I've currently added support for RSS feeds to the following pages:

  • user blog posts:<username>/comments.rss
  • user's replies:<username>/replies.rss
  • new blog posts created on the platform:
  • trending blog posts created on the platform:
  • hot blog posts created on the platform:
  • blog posts in the specified category:<category>.rss

Example of potential use

Flipboard magazine

I use Flipboard to read news articles about various topics when commuting. It allows you to create your own magazine by selecting topics or adding RSS feed as content source. I've done a test with Steemit RSS feed and it works like a charm.

Here I'm adding the RSS feed as source content in Flipboard iOS.

Flipboard iOS

Adding RSS feed to Flipboard iOs

After the RSS added and loaded, a new magazine appears and I can start browsing it.

Natural Medicine magazine in Flipboard

Natural Medicine magazine content

Tapping on one of the content will open the article on Steemit inside an internal browser.

Natural Medicine article

Natural Medicine full bleed image in Flipboard

On iPad it looks even better with nice easy-to-read fonts. Opening an article also renders the article without Steemit interface in a PDF like article and you still have the ability to open the original URL.


IMG_0343.PNG newspaper is similar to Flipboard that can be viewed in a browser. The same RSS feed works in just as easily as it worked in Flipboard

FireShot Capture 048 - Thursday, Dec. 26, 2019 - The Na_ - https___paper.li_qhphotography_1577354954.jpg

Other ideas of usage

  • connect to Zapier or IFTTT to send an email when your favourite author posts a new content
  • add the feed to a RSS feed reader browser extension so you always get a feed of latest content in your favourite category
  • connect the RSS feed to your personal website to automatically integrate your Steem blog.
  • many more...

Plan for the future

I'm planning to implement an RSS feed for user's transfers. Imagine you could connect your transfers feed to Zapier which then can pass the data to a webhook on your online store that then can verify the MEMO and validate an order. That could be an easy way to use STEEM as payment method.

Steemit Condenser Pull Request

This feature is not out yet, a pull request has been created for inclusion in the new Communities beta: Once approved and merged, it will be available when Communities will be released to the public

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27.12.2019 10:52

Excellent work @quochuy .

27.12.2019 17:45

Great stuff, @quichuy! Wishing you all the best for 2020!

28.12.2019 03:21

Best wish for the new year!

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28.12.2019 13:35

The RSS feeds are an incredibly handy feature @quochuy! I ran into needing them a while back and discovered that eSteem provides them but this change would make things much simpler.

A feature that I keep day dreaming about is being able to push RSS content to Twitter automatically from Steemit. Being able to set custom hashtags for the tweet each time I post would be handy also. Basically something like what sites like do but baked into the web frontend or in your case the Condenser app.

I think that this kind of social integration and automated cross-posting would help with Steem #onboarding and encourage more current users to share their Steem content to other social platforms.

28.12.2019 13:22

Thanks for the feedback.

I don’t think the Condenser can automate posting of tweets as there is no backend process that would run on a regular basis to post them. You can probably use Zapier or IFTTT to read the RSS and send tweets.

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28.12.2019 13:39

Thanks for the clarification.

28.12.2019 13:44

If you just want to auto tweet all of your steem posts that's already possible. I was writing about it lately in this article,

and there is a step by step here to set it up.

I've alo set it up to share my tweets to a Facebook group and it's great to automate all of it while getting extra views.

29.12.2019 16:01

I made a similar article recently but my point is that it would be nice to not have to use external sites/services (especially centralized ones) to accomplish auto posting to Twitter or other platforms.

29.12.2019 16:25

28.12.2019 15:49

Very cool! I know that esteem recently added RSS, and I've been using It'll be nice to have it available from all condenser sites, though. I didn't know about the .json trick, either, so thanks for the tip!

28.12.2019 20:09

I guess when it’s approved and merged, the other condenser sites can pull it into their codebase too.

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29.12.2019 00:30

That's awesome. Like really really awesome. I didn't know about the .json at the end of a url.

Nice work on the rss. It would be awesome to pull a community feed to my website. I need to look at this post again, resteemed to remind me

28.12.2019 23:48

That .json makes it even easier than querying the blockchain with steemjs 😂

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29.12.2019 00:47

RSS feed very nice this sounds interesting for this place.. :)

29.12.2019 02:48

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06.01.2020 03:51

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29.12.2019 17:16

awesome wow

29.12.2019 18:15

This seems like a great addition to the platform.

  • user blog posts:
  • blog posts in the specified category:<category>.rss

Would it be possible to get a user's blog posts within a particular category, for example so I could have an RSS feed of just my "gaming" content without also including my "actifit" posts?

30.12.2019 12:24

Thanks for the suggestion.
I’ll see what the APIs offers in terms of filtering options.

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I’ll raise it as a separate issue as this change will affect anything apps that uses the old url format.

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