Emergency Medicine To The Rescue. High Vibe Health Comes Theough!


Late late night a woman called because her dog was deathly ill and the vet could’ve t help.

She had heard of The Garden of Eden and our High Vibe Health Supplements.

So she got our number online and called at about 11pm.


She wanted us to overnight it, however being that late and the weekend it still would take a while.

I asked her where she lives and synchronistically and luckily enough she was just under an hour away.

So I told her that she could come here right away if she wanted I would be able to help her dog the same night.

So she is very happy about this and arrives by about 1:10 AM.

I was able to educate her on many things health supplements and medicinal related.

She was very grateful.


She also decided to get our other amazing supplements also, not just for the dog and and emergency, but for prevention and wellness!


If you have not yet tried them I highly suggest you do I am thousands of other swear by them. What find higher quality anywhere else in the world.

Lots and lots of information available on the website. Health is wealth and knowledge is power!






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28.06.2020 06:46