Belated NYE Holiday Q Grade Yequila Celebration Photos


Fine grade sipping tequila!

Of course we have Q grade!

keeps getting better & has only just begun!

appetizers & booze for the feast and party tonight getting going.


It’s technically the last day of the year and the DECADE!

What will you be doing and what do you wish or expect for this next decade?


I don’t really care much about holidays....
Being free, around family and amazing food are daily. However I enjoy celebrating life, love, friendship, purpose, revolution and conscious existence with some of my favorite people over the holidays.


Also fun to play the festive dress up game lolz

I will be sharing epic food with friends on this last night of the decade and likely quite a few more.


Seasons Blessings

Another fantastic time in the Eden Vortex @gardenofeden Lots of laughter & amazing food.


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Amazing moments for certain! So blessed are we!

10.01.2020 21:37