A Bunch Of Read Worthy Articles I Read Recently.


What’s the most surprising about this article is that India is the only one doing this.....

likely won’t be the last.



Speaking of social media maybe the biggest controversy in social media is trumps battle with Twitter and now being suspended from twitch after he’s already made an executive order just for the censoring let alone a suspension.

I’m sure he’ll throw fit about this one too.



normally this would not be very surprising at all however with the massive uproar and attention this case has gotten it is slightly surprising.



Yes prejudice and racism are real I know after the huge uproar from the BLM, the hypocrisy and prejudiced or showing them selves clearly and now in favor of the colored skin and unfairly or white skin.



This is not surprising of course considering they shut down in lockdown for the most part only influenced small business.

Also big businesses got all sorts of bail outs and subsidies.

On top of that most of the billionaires are in the tech industry rather than retail or travel. So instead of actually being negatively affected they were Positively affected.



Rational and logical thinking would easily come to the conclusion that rather than defund the police we should reform them and their institution, train them properly and actually hold him accountable for their actions.


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