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This is where I'm on vacation when it's a long holiday, here I let go of my tiredness and calm my mind. seeing nature for me is an essential pleasure. This place is probably a good place in my opinion, can also invite family to vacation here. Because access is very easy without having to climb on foot as we climb the other mountains. Bromo mountain tour is the best destination to visit for the traveler, there we can enjoy the natural beauty which is the creation of God.


Mount Bromo has become one of the iconic tourist attractions in East Java due to its magnificent and colorful beauty charm, where we will find an ocean view of desert sand in the Sahara, savanna or often called Teletubies hills and mountain ranges of Bromo, Semeru , and the Batok that will amaze us to see it. Bromo mountain tourism to be excellent locals and foreign tourists to see the perfect sunrise.


The sighting of Teletubbies Hill along with the savanna paddocks underneath makes this location often an important destination for photo hunters here, even a few times this location becomes the location of pre-wedding photos, the location is romantic and charming. If you're curious about climbing hills in this area, you can hike directly or hire a horse.


A vast expanse of grass and resembles a hill There you will feel so calm cool and comfortable because the visitors can feel the charm of the beautiful savanna grassland landscape that is so beautiful. Because this place also you will find another impression about the uniqueness of Mount Bromo other.






Besides that besides savanna bromo there is also another place that is charm of sea of ​​whisper of sand very wide. Watching the verdant savanna fields, will make us feel tired body that is in our bodies disappear.

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