Did you know # 21: United States: Nearly 2 million people want to storm Area 51!

Urban legend says that area 51 is a strange place. Yet even if the conspiracy theories are true and Nevada's US Air Force facilities harbor extraterrestrial technology or life, they would hardly be called stranger than what the Internet offers us. Indeed, anonymous Internet users behind a page of Facebook have created an event to invade this place of all mysteries .

In this Facebook event entitled "Storm Area 51, they can not stop us all," the creators explain: "We will all meet at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry. If we run like naruto (in reference to the famous Japanese animated), we can go faster than their balls. Let's go see the extraterrestrials. "

Their plan, which is scheduled for the early hours of September 20, has grown. Nearly 2 million reported their participation, while more than 1.3 million others announced their interest in this event.

One of the organizers, Jackson Barnes, wrote, "Hi Government, this is a joke and I do not intend to make this plan a reality. I just thought it would be funny and I could get a lot of "likes". "

However, the United States Air Force did not like this joke at all. A spokesman told the New York Times that any attempt to illegally access military installations or military training areas is dangerous. "No intrusion" signs in the area would indicate that the use of force against intruders is permitted.

Of course, even those traveling to Nevada with the intention of entering Area 51 are unlikely to approach this restricted area of ​​the base, not only because it is heavily patrolled but patrolled. also because it is deep within a hot and arid extreme zone of the desert far from any convenience

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