51 minutes ago, aleksicwon said: Wondering if it is a good idea to sell off my collection and buy one mega key ( like AF 15 , Hulk 1 ) ?
I have stuff like ASM 300 9.8 , JIM 83 3.5 , FF 48 5.5 , Iron Man 55 9.0 etc .
I hate to get rid of it but it adds up so I can buy a mid grade or better AF 15 .
Is this a viable strategy ? I've heard people advocating this but for me it seems like I am losing diversification .
What opinions do you guys have ?
Would also love to get some high grade Golden Age like Timelys . Are they too overpriced now ?
Seems like they really ramped up in last 10 years .
@oakman29 I think had the best take on this. Start with the biggest books you possibly can and work your way down from there. It'll cost you a lot less in the long run.

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