1000 Gifts Here is an practice Of offer to you One that will change Your perspective anew In these 100 days Left in this year Write down 10 blessings To you that God shared With focus of soul Attuning the view Joy of arising Peace flowing through As you go through your day With gifts that outpour Your heart will fill fuller Then it did before As we start a new year Our Spirit to lift For we will be grateful For one thousand gifts There are 102 days left in 2021. As is often the case with time, this year has seemed to fly by quickly in some ways, yet also seemed to drag by slowly in other ways. When a year is wrapping up, I wonder if I have made the most of my time. Did I cultivate everything I set out to? Or did I waste precious time that I will never get back? No matter how your 2021 has looked, I would like to suggest a way for you to redeem the time that is left. Nearly nine years ago I read a book called One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. It is one of my all-time favorite books. In this book the author talks about gratitude and creating a list of “gifts” or blessings in our lives. (And there is much more to the book. It will truly make you… View original post 472 more words

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