It's time again for Crime Fiction Links of the Week, our weekly round-up of interesting links about crime fiction from around the web, this week with No Time to Die and James Bond in general , The Harder They Fall, The Last Duel, Belfast, Squid Game, Halloween Kills, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Sherlock Holmes, Tony Hillerman, John Le Carré's final novel, the last ever Inspector Montalbano mystery and much more.
Crime fiction in general: Laura Wilson shares a round-up of the best recent crime novels and thrillers.
Maxim Jakubowski shares the best crime novels published in September 2021. Crime Reads shares ten new crime novels, mysteries and thrillers coming out this week.
J. Kingston Pierce shares the best mysteries to reread. Alverne Ball shares his favourite crime comics and graphic novels. Elizabeth Breck lists the five most realistic private investigators in fiction.
George Galloway discusses the question of choice in noir fiction. Nicole Mabry and Steph Mullin share six thriller that use unusual narrative structures to build suspense.
Greg Herren shares eleven masterpieces of gothic romance and romantic suspense. Holly Kybett Smith shares five dark historical gothics to enjoy this fall.
Auralee Wallace shares her appreciation for paranormal cozy mysteries.
M.E. Browning shares five great mysteries set at carnivals and fairgrounds. Bruce McCandless III shares six books about crime on the US-Mexican border.
Catherine Dang takes a look at the eeriness Minnesota's niceness, as portrayed in crime fiction Kate Belli takes a look at haunted locations in New York City and the authors inspired by them.
Jane Casey shares her twelve favourite novels with courtroom scenes. Olly Jarvis explains how his day job as a barrister influenced his thrillers.
Jethro K. Lieberman talks about the hobbies of fictional detectives. C.T. Scott reports about Chris Bazlinton, the person who replies to letters sent to Sherlock Holmes. Patricia Raybon wonders what Sherlock Holmes has to teach a young black sleuth.
Kevin Mims remembers John Ball, creator of Virgil Tibbs. James McGrath Morris recalls his relationship with Tony Hillerman, whose biography he has written.
James McGrath Morris recounts how Tony Hillerman created the character of Jim Chee.
Mark Billingham answers the question how much time to give a boring book. Alison Flood reports that Andrea Camilleri's final Inspector Montalbano novel, finished years ago as a definite conclusion to the series, has finally been published
The Deighton Dossier reports that Len Deighton might be given a blue memorial plaque in Southwark, London, UK. Iris Goldsztajn reports that pop singer Britney Spears is writing a mystery novel. Architect William P. Arney who restored a historic apartment building where Dashiell Hammett once lived and where Sam Spade and Miles Archer had their (fictional) office has died.
Mike Ripley remembers crime fiction writer Robert Richardson who died aged 80.
Film and TV: Lucy Mangan calls Angela Black a borderline exploitative abuse drama. Garrick Webster calls Paris Police 1900 a dark historical crime drama from France.
Stuart Jeffries calls series two of Guilt Scotland's answer to Fargo and deliciously twisted.
Paul Levinson calls The Guilty a scalding tour de force. Cath Clarke calls Arracht an Irish language murder ballad of famine and injustice. Ellen E. Jones calls Reservation Dogs a stereotype-smashing triumph.
Phil Hoad calls Whitetail an entertaining but emotionally stunted rural thriller. Phil Hoad calls The Show a dazzling Northhampton noir courtesy of Alan Moore. David Smith shares the true story behind the drug thriller Dopesick .
Robyn Penacchia calls Buried a balanced documentary about recovered memories. Cath Clarke calls Corporate Accountability a low-key documentary about the Argentinian state terror of the 1970s.
Paul Levinson shares his thoughts on the latest episode of American Rust . Ines Bellina shares her thoughts on the latest episode of Impeachment: American Crime Story . Olivia Rutigliano shares scary crime movies to stream this October.
Peter Bradshaw revisits the 1958 noir film Le Désordre et la Nuit . Scott Tobias revisits the 1971 crime thriller The French Connection for its 50th anniversary. Peter Bradshaw revisits the 1983 teen gang drama The Outsiders . Scott Tobias revisits David Lynch's 2001 thriller Mulholland Drive for its 20th anniversary.
Charles Pulliam-Moore reports that the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees will begin a US-wide strike on Monday, if demands are not met, halting all film and TV productions in the US. Linda L. Richards reports that the TV rights to Sue Grafton's Kinsey Milhone mysteries have been sold, even though the late author was vehemently opposed to film and TV adaptations of her work.
Comments on No Time to Die and James Bond in general (potential spoilers): Leonard Maltin enjoyed No Time to Die , but finds it too long.
Germain Lussier shares a spoilerish review of No Time to Die . Cameron Scheetz interviews Cary Joji Fukunaga, director of No Time to Die .
Chris Nashawaty shares his appreciation for Daniel Craig's take on James Bond. Alissa Wilkinson also shares her appreciation for Daniel Craig's take on James Bond.
A.A. Dowd declares that Daniel Craig gave James Bond a soul, even when the movies lacked it. Cameron Scheetz priases the performance of Ana de Armas in No Time to Die .
Katie Rife, A.A. Dowd and Cameron Scheetz discuss all six eras of James Bond on screen.
Julia Sirmons calls the 1969 James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service the most unique and probably the best of the series. Cameron Scheetz and Sean Crowley take a look at James Bond's most iconic looks. Keith Roysdon takes a look at the many James Bond imitators of the 1960s and 1970s. Nadia Khomani reports that Daniel Craig has been going to gay bars for decades, because fights are less likely to break out there and they are a good place to meet women.
Comments on The Harder They Fall : Nadia Khomani declares that The Harder They Fall redefines the western. Ellen E. Jones interviews Jeymes Samuel, director of The Harder They Fall. Comments on The Last Duel : A.A. Dowd calls The Last Duel a star-studded period piece. Gavia Baker-Whitelaw calls The Last Duel a bloody and intelligent historical drama for adults. Peter Bradshaw calls The Last Duel a medieval epic with gusto.
Watch a video about the making of the titular duel in The Last Duel .
Comments on Belfast : Peter Bradshaw calls Belfast a scintillating Troubles-era coming of age tale. Stephen Farber calls Belfast Kenneth Brannagh's most personal film.
Peter Debruge finds Belfast too reminiscent of Roma , most likely because both are in black and white.
Rory Carroll reports that US reviewer praised Belfast , but have problems understanding the Northern Irish accents. Comments on Squid Game : Zoe Williams declares that Squid Game owes its popularity to the anxieties of modern life. Yomi Adegoke declares that Squid Game feeds the viewers' hunger for the hurts and humiliation of reality TV. Aja Romano discusses what Squid Game reveals about contemporary South Korea. Meredith Dietz talks about the differences between the captions and subtitles of Squid Game and why they matter. Viv Groskop also discusses Netflix's subtitling problem with regard to Squid Game and other popular non-English language programs. Rick Stevenson explains why the guards in Squid Game wear red and the players green.
Comments on Halloween Kills : Cheryl Eddy declares that watching Halloween Kills is like digging your fingers into an open wound. Katie Rife declares that Halloween Kills cannot help but shoot itself in the foot. Cheryl Eddy interviews the cast of Halloween Kills . Comments on I Know What You Did Last Summer :
Lucy Mangan calls the new I Know What You Did Last Summer a gory Gossip Girl . Saloni Gajjar calls the new I Know What You Did Last Summer an uninventive teen thriller. Awards: The shortlist for the 28th Scarlet Stiletto Awards has been announced. The Australian Crime Writers Association has announced the creation of the Louie Award for flash crime fiction. The winner of the 2021 Radio Bremen Krimipreis has been announced. The shortlist for the 2021 Scotiabank Giller Prize has been announced.
Writing, publishing and promotion: Polish writer and Nobel Prize winner Wisława Szymborska shares some writing advice. Cat Luria explains why she got an MFA in writing. Kristine Kathryn Rusch talks about deadlines. Steph Cha talks about editing the Best American Mystery series.
Julie Poole explains why she quit social media.
Mark Lawrence chronicles his problems trying to persuade Amazon KDP that he is the author of Red Queen's War and Book of the Ancestor . The Safety Detectives expose an Amazon fake review scam.
Elizabeth A. Harris reports about the supply chain issues in the publishing industry. Claudie Benjamin remembers the mystery bookstore Murder Ink in New York City.
Interviews: Eli Cranor interviews S.A. Cosby.
Stuart Miller interviews Jo Nesbo.
Alan Petersen interviews Ian K. Smith. Elise Dumpleton interviews Lori Rader-Day. Steve Newton interviews Linwood Barclay.
Dr. Jacky Collins interviews Peter Papathanasiou. Robert Justice interviews Patricia Raybon.
Nancie Clare interviews David McCloskey. John A. Hoda interviews David Swinson. Deborah Kalb interviews Ashley Elliott.
Wrong Place, Write Crime interviews Rebecca Rosenberg. Kurt Anthony King interviews Brent Spiner who played Commander Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation and also writes mysteries.
Reviews: Publishers Weekly reviews The Shadows of Men by Abir Mukherjee.
The Quick and the Dead reviews Lying Ways by Rachel Lynch.
Kevin Tipple reviews 21 Immortals: Inspector Mislan and the Yee Sang Murders by Ruzlan Mohr Noor. Paul Burke reviews Riccardino by Andrea Camilleri, translated by Stephen Sartarelli. Mick Herron reviews Silverview by John Le Carré.
Anthony Cummins reviews Silverview by John Le Carré. Allan Massie reviews Silverview by John Le Carré. Bitter Tea and Mystery reviews The Stranger Diaries by Elly Griffiths.
Lesa Holstine reviews Double Take by Elizabeth Breck.
Damp Pebbles reviews The Stoning by Peter Papathanasiou. Kirkus reviews The Corpse Flower by Anne Mette Hancock. Lou Jacobs reviews The Chaos Kind by Barry Eisler. Publishers Weekly reviews Marked Man by Archer Mayor.
Carole Tyrell reviews I Know You by Claire McGowan.
Beth Kanell reviews I Am Not Who You Think I Am by Eric Rickstad. Beth Kanell reviews Hold Me Down by Clea Simon.
BOLO Books reviews Last Girl Ghosted by Lisa Unger. Colette Bancroft reviews Last Girl Ghosted by Lisa Unger. Janet Webb reviews Last Seen Alone by Laura Griffin.
Civilian Reader reviews Judas 62 by Charles Cumming.
L. Dean Murphy reviews The OC by D.P. Lyle. BOLO Books reviews Death at Greenway by Lori Rader-Day. Lesa Holstine reviews Betrayal on the Bowery by Kate Belli.
Sandie Herron reviews A Lady's Guide to Gossip and Murder by Dianne Freeman. Beth Kanell reviews An Elderly Lady Must Not Be Crossed by Helene Tursten. Lesa Holstine reviews Mango, Mambo and Murder by Raquel V. Reyes. Doreen Sheridan reviews Murder at the Christmas Cookie Bake-Off by Darci Hannah and tries a recipe from the book.
Jacob Aron reviews The Apollo Murders by Chris Hadfield. Paul Burke reviews The Apollo Murders by Chris Hadfield.
Mark Lawson reviews State of Terror by Hilary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny. Ron Charles reviews State of Terror by Hilary Rodhm Clinton and Louise Penny. Doreen Sheridan reviews Fan Fiction by Brent Spiner. Doreen Sheridan reviews The Best American Mystery and Suspense 2021 , edited by Alafair Burke and Steph Cha.
Crossexamining Crime reviews Agatha Christie’s Golden Age Volume II: Miss Marple and the Other Golden Age Puzzles by John Goddard. Classics reviews: Martin Edwards revisits the 1929 mystery Poison in the Graden Suburb by G.D.H. and Margaret Cole.
Gail Byrd revisits the 1933 mystery The American Gun Mystery by Ellery Queen.
Erin Britton revisits the 1937 mystery These Names Make Clues by E.C.R. Lorac. The Invisible Event revisits the 1939 mystery Eight Faces at Three by Craig Rice. Paperback Warrior revisits the 1946 crime story "Cop With Wings" by Bruno Fischer. Paperback Warrior r evisits the 1950 crime graphic novel Mansion of Evil by Joseph Hilliard. Bloody Spicy Books revisits the 1951 Ed and Am Hunter hardboiled mystery Death Has Many Doors by Fredric Brown.
Bloody Spicy Books revisits the 1974 mystery Charlie Chan Returns by Dennis Lynds. Bitter Tea and Mystery revisits the 1976 spy novel Catch a Falling Spy a.k.a. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Spy by Len Deighton. Bitter Tea and Mystery revisits the 1976 suspense novel Home to Roost by Andrew Garve. Happiness is a Book revisits the 1982 Inspector George Gently mystery Gently Between Tides .
B.V. Lawson revisits the 1998 crime fiction anthology Murderous Schemes , edited by J. Madison Davis and Donald Westlake. J. Kingston Pierce revisits the 2003 historical crime novel Shadow Boxe r by Eddie Muller.
Con and event reports: Crime Time FM reports about the 2021 Bloody Scotland crime writing festival which took place in Stirling, Scotland, as well as online. Martin Edwards reports about the virtual 2021 Alibis in the Archive event.
Research: Victoria Lucas talks about the Hunters Point riots in San Francisco, California, in 1966, following the killing of teenager Matthew Johnson by the police. Betty Frizzell talks about her troubled family history of violence and murder. Leah Sinclair talks about the terrible conditions facing pregnant prisoners in British prisons.
James Queally talks about the still unsolved case of the so-called Clinton Avenue Five in Newark, New Jersey in 1978. Joe Parkin Daniels reports that two teenaged boys were murdered for alleged shoplifting in Tibú, Colombia. Helen Davidson and Vincent Ni report about a grisly domestic violence murder in Sichuan, China, that was livestreamed via the internet.
Angela Giufridda reports that thieves inspired by the latest version of Lupin have robbed a church oratory in Milan, Italy. Andrea Penrose talks about industrial espionage and patent wars during the Regency era.
Free online fiction: "Bound for Carnage" by Pat O'Malley in Mystery Tribune . "The Negotiation" by Alison Ruth in Mystery Tribune .
"The Last Customer" by John Gaspard in Mysteryrat's Maze Podcast . "Vintage Envy" by Gay Degani in Shotgun Honey . "Scent of Copper" by Jason M. Tucker in Shotgun Honey . "The Family Reunion" by Tom Barlow in Tough . "The Palm Reader on Haight Street" by Patrick Whitehurst in Punk Noir Magazine .
"Nocturne" by J.M. Jordan in The Five-Two .
Trailers and videos:
Watch a trailer for Angela Black . Watch a trailer for Psych 3: This Is Gus . Watch a trailer for Dopesick . Watch a trailer for Harriet the Spy .
Odds and ends:
Tom Gauld offers a humorous look at potential consequences of the runaway popularity of Richard Osman's mystery novels. Crossexamining Crime shares a Sherlock Holmes picture quiz.

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