You entered the trade with a position size that didn’t allow the maket to keep falling because you were getting big negative numbers when it falls further. You should have waited for a solid rebound, not just a few green candles but a solid rebound, even for it to retest that support and hold, then jump in on the second rebound. maybe it takes a week to happen but you have to see the downtrend is over. It seems you just jumped in thinking someone said it’s done so i’ll jump in blind. That guy is right most of the time but if you trade with no stop then he only needs to be wrong once for it to be over for you.
I get your frustration. When i fist started trading i had £500 … literally in 2 weeks i only had £250 left, all my months of demo trading and winning went out of the window. I was gutted i thought it was over, i just kept making bad decisions and was plummeting, It was only when i took a step back and chose to rethink everything and force myself to really learn, read books, study the economy, learn what makes the markets move, find reliable up-to-date sources of news that i started grinding the money back, 6 months later i’m now at £1070 and still growing. You have to learn from this just like we all have, but do not enter a trade with large position size if you are only hoping it will turn.
best of luck

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