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ONIZ is an ITO platform that has different deviate from the normal ICO and IEO system we all know about. This platform came into existence to solve the challenges the fundraiser were facing. The platform target centered on crypto investors and project developers. So their aim is to create an avenue that will yield profits to the investment made by investors and also to open rooms for project developers to quickly raise a startup funds. They therefore presented an ITO which base on Online soccer betting, Online casino game and all other kinds of Online games. This is the kind of investment can yield investors up to 30% interest of their capital.


The ONIZ platform supports and connects with Online games with their system. This means users of the platform can easily play an online games through the platform directly. To all the gamblers in the house, here is just a good news to us. So in all the online games connected to ONIZ platform, the user or players can use ONIZ token to play comfortably and to those gamblers, you can as well buy betting tips from ONIZ platform using ONIZ token. This is great things that will happen in this ecosystem. The ONIZ platform is also incorporated into an artificial intelligence that provide betting tips with assurance of 80% and above chance of winning. So the gamblers can buy these tips provided with the ONIZ artificial intelligence algorithm with the ONIZ token. So if you want to win big money, just need to start patronizing this platform because there are higher tendency of winning games with their tips.


This is one of the ecosystems of ONIZ platform; it is forum created by ONIZ for fundraising. ONIZ fund is a decentralized open source fund that gives room for all the users of the platform that needs to raise some startup funds for his project. Those that which to support a project can do it with ONIZ token.


Instead of downloading different wallet for different coins or tokens, ONIZ has simplify things by building a MULTI-CHAIN wallet. This type of wallet can be used to store all kinds of coins from different blockchain. This multi-chain wallet can also be used for currency conversion. This is really commendable because users might hold other coin like Bitcoin or ethereum and want to buy goods or support a project through this platform; he will be able to convert the coins to ONIZ token for easy utilization. Am happy because the platform will save the stress of currency exchange and conversion.



The ONIZ platform is simply the solution which project developers were facing in terms of raising funds which they needed to support the development of their project. ONIZ platform is also a blessing to the investors in the sense that all investment terms of STO are viable and profitable. The ONIZ platform further opens different other opportunities for the users to enjoy. This platform is just an advantage to the society, their innovation will add a lot to people and the economy. Let support this project and take it to the upper height so that they can easily achieve their goals.

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