My Diary Game // Preparing my Best Soup for the Week- Ora Soup// by @queensleey.

Hello my wonderful women of this great community. Your day was great right because mine was cool though a little bit stressful but a energized anytime I remember to blog in Steemit...that why instead of resting after the day's work am here to tell you about how I prepared my best soup for the week. So, sit tight, relax and enjoy my teaching.

My Special Ofe Ora


Food in general is one thing we don't play with be it solid or liquid. It's what sustains man and also supplies him with energy to carry out his daily duties/job.

Every tribe has particular food they are know with and am here to take you for a ride to Igbo land, Anambra State in particular.
In this state, we are known for our special soups like Onugbu, Ora, Nsala, etc. Not that we don't prepare or eat other soup from other tribe but if you visit Anambra State and you haven't tasted any of these three sweet soups, then your host hasn't welcomed you actually. So here, I want to teach you how you can prepare Ora soup. You know, there's joy in diversity ... variety is the spice of life they say.



  • Ora leaf
  • Ede / ofor/ akpalata( in this case,I used ofor)
    *Ogili igbo ( local spice)
  • Uziza leaf
  • Akwu / red oil
  • Salt
  • seasoning cube
  • Meat
  • Stockfish
  • Dry fish
  • Pepper ( fresh or dry)


First, wash the meat, put in a pot. Wash the stockfish and put in same pot. Add seasoning cube and salt then, set on fire to steam for 3mins. By they he meat has released it's water. Then add a little water cook till they get soft.

When soft,add more water that will be enough for your soup if you are to use oil but it you are using akwu, you must have cooked, pounded and extracted the juice before now...

Just pour the extracted juice into the meat pot on fire. Allow to boil.
Put the blended pepper and crayfish into it then, the ogili igbo, seasoning cube and salt as it's boiling.

Then put the ede. If you are using ofor or akpalata, turn the soup as you are adding then to avoid it forming this stage, I add the dry fish because I don't want it to scatter in the soup.
Then cover the pot for it to get thickened.

Check it to make sure it's not burning. Check the taste to make sure the salt and cube is ok. If it has thickened enough,add the washed and shredded uziza leaf then cover to cook for 5mins. After which, you add the washed and hand-shred ora leaf. Allow to cook for another 5mins. Remember ora is very soft so don't need too much cooking.
Once it has cooked to time, bring down from fire. Your soup is ready.


The soup is to be enjoyed with akpu(fufu), eba, semo, or any swallow of your choice.


Cooking delicacies from other tribes promotes peace and love among us so, learn to be versatile in everything not just in business. You don't know how much I love adventure. Even to food. Thanks to my stomach that accepts all and never get provoked.
Thanks for being my students and allowing me teach you my best ora soup.
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