Back to hustling and bustling: super mum, great worker//@queensleey.

Being a mum is not a joke not to talk when she's a career achiever...that's mum². At times I wish I can just transit to singlehood where I choose when to eat, when to cook as a matter of fact, when to wake up... but that's just a wish! Not that am not enjoying my status, o no, I am... being a wife is a Blessing... being a mother, an honour.

All we do is to our benefits not minding the stress. I believe that one day, I will dance to the admiration of all and sundry!

Mummy, a cheff....


Mummy, my washing machine


Mummy, my daddy's lover


Mummy, the teacher....


Mummy, the fashionista


Being a mum is worthy of every woman who desire it. To all toiling for the betterment of their families, you deserve every goodies that it will bear...


... you are a super mum...!

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