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Okay I don't know what happened

I can see my first post on steemit but not here on weedcash, though I can see the replies and reply to the reply but when I try to go to the original page I get errors, it is really weird. So I thought I would put the question out here to see if anyone knows how to fix it. Here I will show you what I see. So you understand what I am seeing.

Screenshot-2019-8-29 WeedCash.png
My introduction post should be here

Screenshot-2019-8-29 WeedCash(1).png
I can reply to the comments

But when I click View Full Content

This is what I get

Screenshot-2019-8-29 WeedCash(2).png

But it shows up on the steemit site just fine

I am totally confused. so I a asking if anyone knows what is going on with this? I guess it isn't that big of a deal but it is an issue. So I am putting it out there maybe someone can figure it out and fix the bug. Cause that has to be a bug in the software right?

Screenshot-2019-8-29  queenofsmoke.png

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass. I am gonna go hit this bong, and hopefully go to sleep and find everything is working fine tomorrow.

Weedcash follow upvote share.jpg

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Damn, not sure.

29.08.2019 04:14

Maybe just repost it, but in title state what you did. If anybody flags you, i will tell them off

29.08.2019 06:16

Screw it, in reality most of the people who use weedcash also use smoke, and as people realize who is behind this account, I will be fine without it, and if it is a thing I can always make a post then link it to steemit hey you know me, always willing to find a way to make it work. lol

29.08.2019 19:33

So sorry to hear that :(

I wrote my introduction post today too, it takes a little longer for the tribes to post/transact than the blockchain so maybe yeah, tomorrow...

29.08.2019 06:26

it still isn't showing up here which is very weird because this post is showing up just fine. But hopefully it does and even if it doesn't I will still make some steem off of it. As it is showing up on the steem blockchain just fine, just not where I posted it which is weird.

29.08.2019 19:30

Sorry for the trouble. Apparently this was a weird problem with some nodes being down at just the wrong time. The devs are looking into it, but unfortunately I still don't know what happened exactly. That was a great intro post. I think you will still get your WEED payout, but one of the main devs is asleep so I should have more of an answer tomorrow hopefully.

30.08.2019 04:41