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Gemination complete and sprouting has happened

It is not much but germination is complete

One seed germinated quick the other took a day or so longer. I forgot to get a photo of the first seed that germinated but I did grab photo of it sprouted up through the soil. The second seed, I am hoping I didn't screw up. As I forgot to check on it yesterday and if I would have put it in soil yesterday it would have sprouted by today, so I went ahead and put it in some soil and watered it, so hopefully the roots take and I didn't wait to long to plant her. This is my own cross breed, I bred my last grow. I still am debating her name. It is either gonna be Passion Glue or Gorilla Passion. Her parents are Gorilla Glue and Passion Fruit.

This was the first one to germinate

Hopefully I didn't wait to long to get this one into the soil, hate I forgot to check on it yesterday

I got it into the soil hopefully the root takes and I didn't let it get too far

Cannabis is a plant that can take a lot of abuse

Serious if you would have seen what happened to my Kush plant, I wish I would have taken a photo. But if you would have seen it you would have thought like I did it was dead, but some watering and love brought it back to life and it is going strong, so I am hopeful since the seed was kept wet that the extra long germination won't hurt the plant any.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass and if you missed it, check out the Guess the Roach Sunday Doobie contest, it is normally a one day contest, but since there was network errors on Sunday I am running it till Saturday night/Sunday at midnight. You can find it here where you could win a mini glass chillum.


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