Emergency Water Filtration Methods for Hiking, Backpacking and Off Grid Living

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Emergency Water Filtration Methods for Hiking, Backpacking and Off Grid Living


We, as a whole, take fresh drinking water for granted. It is so easy to turn on the tap and not have to worry about bacteria and viruses.

But what happens if our water system were to become contaminated? Do you have the capability to provide clean drinking water to yourself and your family?

The Basics of FIltered and Purified Water

Filtration - removes sediments, heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides.

Purification - eliminates bacteria, viruses, and cysts.

Distillation - the same as purification, just using a different method.

Emergency Water Filtration Scenarios

Boil order - municipal sources have become contaminated and need to be purified before drinking.

Losing access to water source - if the municipal water source shuts off, where will you get your water from?

Flooding and natural distasters - flooding contaminates groundwater and possibly municipal water sources, requiring both filtration and purification methods.


Other Scenarios Requiring Water Filtration and Purification

Long backpacking trips - you will not be able to haul out all the fresh, potable water you need for a prolonged backpacking or camping trip. Using a portable water filtration method is necessary.

Prolonged survival scenario- if you lose access to water that persists, you will need to consider a mobile water filtration system and a solid off grid water setup.

Off grid living - you will not be accessing a municipal water source so setting up a solid off grid water system will be necessary for your survival.

I have written an extensive guide on how to set up an off grid water systemthat you can check out.


Considerations for Emergency Water Filtration

  1. Will you be stationary or mobile?
  2. Where will you be getting your water from?
  3. Will you even have access to water?
  4. How much water will you and your family need?
  5. How long will you need emergency water for?

When you need potable drinking water

  1. When used for cooking that isn't brought to a boil
  2. Drinking, of course
  3. Any sort of bathing where the person has an open wound that could get infected.

Natural Water Filtration Methods

Note that you will still NEED to PURIFY your water with these filtration methods!

Run water through activated carbon.

This method filters the water quite well but does NOT remove all bacteria and viruses. You will need to have an additional purification method. You can make your own activated carbon or purchase it.

activated carbon.jpg

Dig a hole a few feet from a water source.

This will also filter the water quite well of debris and many contaminants. The deeper you dig, the better the filtration will be.

Filter water through a ceramic container.

Ceramic will filter out sediments and many bacteria, but cannot catch viruses.

Natural Purification Methods

Use these methods in conjunction with filtration methods listed above.

Use sunlight to purify water!

Yes, the sun will kill bacteria, viruses, and cysts! Place filtered water into glass container and let sit in full sunlight for 6 hours.

Boil water for one to three minutes.

Make a stovetop still.

Distilled water is the steam that is caught from evaporating water. It is the purest form of water but does not contain any beneficial minerals at it is removed in the process.

stovetop still.jpg

Use chemicals.

Bleach, chlorine, and iodine will kill microbes.

Best Emergency Water Filtration Products on the Market . . .

If you have enjoyed this mini-article, please head over to The Best Emergency Water Filter Methods and Products Guide now for the rest!

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