Interesting Lionfish Facts

As a third year Marine Biology student, I've had the priviledge of learning about this magnificent creature, Pterois species.

I would like to share with you some facts I've learnt about Pterois species, better know as Lionfish.

1-Lionfish entice smaller prey by their feathery pectoral fins.This in addition to the fishe's coloration keeps predators away.

2-There are up to eighteen venemous spines on the back of the lionfish. These spines are utilised primarily as a self defence mechanism, not for hunting.

3-Lionfish species are more on the small side and vary from species to species. The largest size of any recorded lionfish is 13 inches.

4-Lionfish is a strict carnivore, they only eat meat!

5-The lionfish doesn't have many natural predators but its three main predators are eels, large fish and humans.

6-The reproduction rate of lionfish is insanely high which directly impacts the development of reefs and other marine environments. Over 30,000 eggs are released by females weekly.

All is not lost, us humans can do derbies (fish catching competitions) and also consume them to limit their impact on the environement.

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Hello @queengg!! Thank you so much for share in this community! Well, I have to say that I loved to learn about lionfish. I'm a Geographer but one of the professions that I wanted to study, were Marine Biology, because I love the Universe that the ocean is. So I've enjoyed a lot your post! Thank you!!

05.09.2020 23:56

That's awesome @belenguerra.
You're very welcome.

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