Sexual ecstasy in the university bathroom

As soon as we lock the door, Pablo starts kissing me, devouring me. He sticks my tongue around my neck, takes off my shirt and continues to lick me until I reach the nipples. There he stops for a while, bites them gently, sucks them. A moan escapes me.

My hand slides to his pants, I feel it bulky. I unbutton the button and under the zipper. Your penis is released, supporting more and more, a bursting point. I begin to masturbate him, first slowly, then quickly, then again despair. I notice how it heats up more and more, it is about to run.

Invaded by desire, he spins me at once, lifts my skirt, pulls off my panties a little, and penetrates me carefully. I lean with my hands on the wall. Pablo grabs me by the waist with one hand and with the other massages my clitoris. In a matter of seconds I will touch the sky with my hands.

Suddenly, we notice how someone enters the bathroom. Pablo covers my mouth with his hand so that my gasps are not heard, he continues to penetrate me this time more slowly. The morbid grows. We are going a pillar, but we are unable to stop.

It sounds like the door closes, we are alone again. Pablo accelerates the rhythm and I can no more, burst of pleasure and I completely empty. He runs three seconds later.
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