Look what a sweet glass of wine does

A few glasses of Late Harvest can blow my thoughts and shake my humanity, although it does not have sparkling bubbles, it also makes lust emerge from between my legs and resonate in my mind that my Master and Lord would be happy to drink my fluids tonight. close to fertility.

That you want to be subjected to your instincts, be kissed with that melting passion that heats and consumes beyond the limits.

 That he bites delicately from my neck to my breasts, running them with his anxious mouth, taking out groans that transform into desire for more and more ...

If you touch me with your fingers you will notice that humidity is a river that invites you to enter, if you play with my clitoris it can make me explode in thousands of orgasms, I tremble ... all the lustful thoughts that I want to commit with you tremble.

Masturbate me .... I am so hot that I lose my senses, my erect clitoris peeks into your hands and the vagina opens to receive between moans the pleasure of being penetrated with the strength of your desire in my flesh.

Get lost in my breasts, consume yourself in my mouth, use your tongue and highlight the boundaries of your territories and possessions.

Open your mouth ... open mine ... so that tongues get tangled and decipher the codes of lust that conjugate by becoming one.

 Look what a sweet glass of wine does ... it warms me until I get wet without control, thinking and wishing you until I barely contain the screaming orgasms that you give me, that you offer me, that you provoke.

If you don't come now, my kiss factory will be declared bankrupt ... you don't know how much I want you ... come, it's urgent.


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View or trade BEER.

Hey @queen-of-heart, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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A glass of wine does this every time.

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if it's sensational hahaha

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