Contest Your sexual fantasy in the Water

Hello dear Dporneros, I want to invite you to participate in this contest.

Where we will prove it, all its eroticism and its most perverse thoughts.

In this week we will use the "water". We are going to make an article about your sexual fantasies in beaches, rivers, swimming pools, everything that involves "WATER"

Contest Rules

  • You must make an post of at least 400 letters.
  • It must be 100% original content
  • You should use the porn tags
  • The title of the publication should be "Erotic Contest" Water "
  • You can create a video, music or poem, related to the subject.
  • can make 2 entries per user


  • 5 steem 1st place.
  • 3 steem 2nd Place
  • 1 steem 3rd place


  • 2nd prize 300 Porn
  • 3rd prize 100 Porn500 Porn 1st Place
  • 300 Porn 2do Place
  • 100 Porn 3er Plae

    The contest ends within 5 days, after starting the contest.


Greetings from the beach. Water, sun and sand


Comments 14

I really like this idea a lot.

03.08.2019 23:05

I hope your participation

03.08.2019 23:50

Great idea. Let me circle my head around on this and get back to you on discord. We'd add to your bounty too.

03.08.2019 23:43

great i will be available.

03.08.2019 23:49

My 100% upvote for the first three places.

04.08.2019 13:22

Great, I love this. Great contribution towards the growth of Dporn. My entry 1

04.08.2019 14:18

Great idea I will participate.

04.08.2019 14:30

Nice! Thanks for this interesting challenge. I just posted my first story, unfortunately it has nothing to do with water. However, my mind is already reeling at the possibilities... I have a feeling, unlike my debut story, this one is going to be kinky as! Let me see what I can come up with.

04.08.2019 19:29

My king, we are waiting for your publication. Post the link here

04.08.2019 20:39

Aaaannnddd.... here it is:
I hope you like it!

04.08.2019 22:24

Here's my second entry:
Thanks again for this beautiful contest!

05.08.2019 02:42

I'll try to remember this in the AM.

10.08.2019 07:17