Contest of your sexual fantasy at work

Almost culminating my shift at the hospital I felt like it and the desire to do some mischief with one of my colleagues who really drives me crazy with his great physical attributes
I started by shooting him a look to catch him and then seduce him until he convinced him that the best thing to end the shift in the hospital is to have good hot sex either in a bathroom .. I convinced him to follow me to a place only where once you see there I started stroking him from the back of the neck to the bottom where he touched his penis and ready to be eaten by me
once there is no more waiting to lower his pants and kneel in front of him was so rich and exciting to see how it faded and trembled from the rich pleasure I felt when I had his penis in my mouth was so much passion that I needed to feel it inside me as soon as possible since my mouth was watering and I didn't want to stop but at the same time I needed to feel how he touched his penis with my clictoris it was a very satisfying sensation for me but I loved that being kneeling in front of him passing my tongue through his penis I looked at him and stroked my hair with the desire that I didn't want him to stop, so as soon as I stood up, unbutton my shirt and his hands touched my breasts very sensually

I kiss my lips with a lot of passion and suck his tongue while his hands clenched my pesons and caressed my piercing I turned on my back so that his hand touched my clictoris and I masturbated a bit I was already very wet so I begged him to penetrate me and give me Slow as the intensity increased I was with my back to him feeling like with passion and sensuality with one hand I pressed my hips and with the other I was pulling my hair suddenly I felt a rich spanking which followed with a squeeze of buttocks that soon Increased the rapidity of his penetration was so intense that I could not stand coming, I felt that he was about to come too, so I stood in front of him on my knees like a good girl while he put his penis in my mouth and began to suck it again while he I grabbed my hair tightly I could feel how it came in my mouth and how it ran so deliciously through my throat all its fluids so as soon as we finished I winked and left our escort Secret secret a bit sweaty but 100% satisfied of having drained the desire so intense that I had sex with my coworker


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Necesito que me atienda esa doctora, es una emergencia!!!

18.08.2019 02:32

hahaha gladly my love

18.08.2019 02:39

Your writing sounds very sexy. You can almost hear the urgent need to cum for both of you.

18.08.2019 15:04