Inktober - Ride "28" (step by step drawing)

Hi guys😚😚
This is a quite popular and funny scene many of us can relate to. I didn't want to go with the ordinary so I thought I made a sketch of something that's funny and would bring back some memories.
I made this drawing with my charcoal pencil and a pen. This is how I made it☺️


I started by drawing the face with my pen, then to the remaining part of the body and supposed vehicle😄.


After drawing with my pen, I began using the charcoal pencil. I shaded the wooden parts of this sketch and blended with my Smudger. I couldn't use a pen here because I wanted to create a different texture. I added some details and finished up by shading with the cross hatching shading technique.

Thank you for reading through this post. I sincerely appreciate your support for my art. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this sketch. Comments and suggestions are highly welcomed🤗.
Love you guys😘.

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Hahaha I almost see ho fast he is moving his feet :D
That was a cool cartoon to watch.

28.10.2019 19:32

Yea😄. I'm glad to see you can relate. Thank you

28.10.2019 19:34