Inktober - Catch "30" (Step by Step)

Hello guys😘😘
How are you all doing today? Hopefully you've been having a pleasant day like mine☺️. Here's my entry for today's Inktober theme "Catch". I felt the need of drawing something catchy and relatable. This drawing shows how long, sticky and catchy the tongue of a toad is.
The drawing was made with my pencil, a black pen and a cartridge cardboard paper. Here are the steps I took for those who might wanna try this out☺️.


First of all, since I just imagined this, I had to sketch it out on a the drawing paper first with my pencil. This would help me work on the necessary details and guide me to a neat sketch.

I began using my pen to draw the characters in this sketch starting with the housefly.


After drawing the housfly, I drew the sticky long tongue.


And after drawing the tongue, I drew out the toad and added all necessary details and shades. So here is the completed drawing. Hopefully this fits to the theme "Catch" perfectly to everyone and not just me.

This year's Inktober has been so great and amazing. I've met so many talented fine artists on this platform that I've so learnt quite alot from and this has motivated me to be a better artist. I also have had great support from the users of this beautiful platform. I really do appreciate your support and love for my art. You guys are the best. Stay tuned for my last Inktober post and Halloween art piece tomorrow. It's gonna be mind blowing 😄. Thank you for reading guys. Your comments and suggestions are highly welcomed. Ciao!!!😘😘😘

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Great perspective drawing.

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30.10.2019 19:03

Thanks dear😘

30.10.2019 19:05

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30.10.2019 19:45

This is amazing @queeirisa. 😍😮

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30.10.2019 22:27

Thank you dear🙂

30.10.2019 23:29

another winner! Did you do this all in one day?

31.10.2019 09:38

Haha...yea @gooddream😄😄

31.10.2019 10:25