OPERATION 500 SP WITHIN 14 DAYS. Powered up 268 steem within 8 days. 100% powerup

Good day steemians,

Today I chose to do some power-ups again to contribute support to the club5050 project and our community. I accept we've all heard a great deal about the club5050 project, and I genuinely urge everybody to make cooperation in this operation to develop for a superior tomorrow.

Before power up

Steem available Steem power available
46.779 221.467


powering up

Amount powered up was 46.779 which was a reward earned from the block.


Completion of my power up

Steem available Steem power available
0.00 268.246



Iā€™m ever grateful for support from the steemit platform for all this time. I am really grateful thank you.



Comments 2

Let's keep growing our Power. My pleasure šŸ˜ƒšŸ¬

16.11.2021 15:41

Yhh power ups to the moon šŸš€šŸš€.

16.11.2021 16:03