We Draw The Letters Contest: M

This is my design of the letter M. For those who do not know, @ran.koree is holding a drawing contest about letters. For this week we are drawing the letter M. To give you more details kindly check the link below


It was rather quick thinking about an idea. The letter M made me take inspiration from the mermaid. That explains the curved fish tail and some scales on. Like I mentioned this process is quite easy. The letter M gives us a lot of freedom to design as we please. We can think a lot of ways to design it because of its shape. Now, I will show some photos of the stages of my drawing
So far, this is the letter that was easy for me to draw and design. It was quick and fun to make. I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Thanks

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25.09.2019 04:26

Nice idea ..... create a siren from the letter M ..... you have a great imagination .... congratulations

29.09.2019 08:42