Tiny Bug Working Hard Producing Big Time

Busy as a bee I mean an ant. Hustling as much as I can to make that little difference from the previous month or days even. I noticed that after the enhancements or proposed improvements on this blockchain, my curation reward is hardly ever noticeable. Is there something I do not know of? a fraction of the smallest value that is what I see every time I click on claim my rewards. Maybe it is not the effect of the changes after all. It could be something else.

Anyway enough of that, let me talk about this cute little bee I mean ant that is also working hard. See how small those things that he mines? Despite that truth he just kept doing what he is supposed to do and did not complain. Look how those buckets are overflowing now with tiny bits of mined thingy.

Hope you like my entry to the doodletrends drawing contest

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Beautiful character

27.07.2019 15:58