My Quick Review Of The Food We Ordered From Mesa Restaurant

These are the dishes we ordered from Mesa Restaurant. We took them home like I said in my previous blog. Here is my review of the food


Tinapa Rice

Tinapa is a smoked fish which is very common in a regular Filipino table but here it was used to flavor this rice. I am assuming the brown bits are the tinapa flakes. There are some shreds of salted eggs and tomatoes. Parang ordinaryong ulam na itlog na maalat with kamatis at tinapa yun ang dating niya pero masarap pala siya. It was delicious. It is a side dish but for me it is already a meal.


Tinapa Roll

I am not sure what is the exact name of this but it is a roll a regular roll that we know but they put tinapa flakes as one of the fillings. It is an acquired taste I must say. Do not pair it with tinapa rice in my opinion because the tinapa on the rice is already flavorful

Braised Beef (Medium)

This is my favorite but look how small the serving is although this is already their medium size. I understand because the price of meat in general went up during the Christmas season.


A sour soup that is what a sinigang tastes like. This has a twist, there is pineapple and guava I think. Not your usual sinigang. My son love it but I do not. A pineapple on a sinigang soup is too much for my tastebuds well that is just me. I am not saying it is not delicious but this is not for me.

Keep discovering. Satisfy your curiosity and never get tired learning new things

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