Local Delicacy As Birthday Gift To A Long Lost Classmate

e1c5iulb7n.jpgwith salted eggs topping
0hluxogky8.jpgwith choolate syrup

Last night I got invited to the birthday celebration of my classmate back in elementary. We seldom see each other because she lives in Japan and is here now in the Philippines visiting her relatives and to celebrate her birthday. Thanks to the power of the social media we were able to reconnect after decades or so.

It had always been a struggle for almost anyone I know thinking of what better gift to give on any given occasion. For me now that I am trying to learn how to bake, thinking of a better present for someone is no longer a difficult task. Matter of fact this is the third time that I gifted someone with something I made with love and passion.

My classmate is definitely missing the culture and food here so this Puto which is a local delicacy is a good choice to give her. The first photo I used salted eggs for topping and the second is chocolate syrup. The main ingredient I used for my dough is rice flour to give it that authentic pinoy Puto texture.

Thank you

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21.10.2019 16:06

Puto is a bad word in spanish.
!giphy puto

22.10.2019 18:12

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22.10.2019 18:13

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22.10.2019 18:13

Wow i like boiled eggs it is looking nice

23.10.2019 03:48

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24.10.2019 16:18