How To Make Yema, A Filipino Sweet Treat

Here is an easy recipe that I would like to share with you Steemians. If you are looking for an easy Filipino Sweet treat recipe this is it. Although the name Yema is not Filipino in origin it is definitely a taste of the local cuisine. Yema is short for the Spanish term Yema de huevo which means egg yolk.

Yema is very pinoy and my fellow pinoys would agree to that. We grew up knowing only a few sweets and this is one of them. Sold in the cafeteria, sari sari store or simply made by your mom or big sister. The Yema I made is not the usual triangular shaped candy but the other version that I grew up eating - - round and small with shiny sugar coating.

Fresh from the pan Yema ready to be eaten. You wrap it with colorful cellphone wrapper if you have time to buy

Here is how I made the yema

  1. Combine 7 egg yolks with a 14 oz can of condensed milk
  2. Stir the mix gently in a hot pan until you achieve a thick sticky consistency
  3. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Get a small amount of the cooked mix and form small balls with yr palms
  4. Melt t a few tablespoons of sugarn a pan
    . Dropop p one Yema ball in the pan and cover it with the caramelised sugar to coat it. Do the same with the rest and yoe done.
    If You You want your Yema to taste creamy you can melt some butter in a pan and add it to your mixture as an option

This candy brought a lot of childhood memories. It had been years now when I last made a Yema candy. Last night I had left over yolks from my baking experiment and decided to make some Yema. These candies are a good source of side income or you can give them as gifts just wrap them with the traditional cellophane wrappers and will surely warm the heart of thipients. I love the smell of caramelised sugar that blends with the creaminess of milk and butter. What a delicious treat indeed.

ope yope you learned something with recipe.


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12.10.2019 07:31

Wow bro thank you for this, it's my favorite ever since I was small..
Nice blog @quatro

12.10.2019 08:24

Thank you I am glad to know favorite mo ang Yema. Babae po ako hehe

12.10.2019 12:53

Ay babae ka pala sorry di ko napansin dahil sa name mo at cap haha

13.10.2019 17:21

This looks soooo tasty! Thanks for sharing!

12.10.2019 08:52

I'm happy to see you drop by. Thanks

12.10.2019 12:54

Look Deeeeelicious! Can’t wait to try this out.

12.10.2019 17:35

I'm glad to hear that. Thanks for dropping by

13.10.2019 14:19

The thumbnail image of this post looks like Dragon Balls from the anime. Just wanted to mention it, haha.

13.10.2019 14:42

Hahaha I agree that's what I thought too

17.10.2019 08:24

wow !Looks yummi.Thanks for sharing the process.

14.10.2019 09:13

Thanks. I love writing about my experience in the kitchen 😊

17.10.2019 08:25

That's so good.

17.10.2019 09:15

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14.10.2019 20:45

Thank you very much for the curation and letting me know about your site I will have a look

17.10.2019 08:28

Looks like tasty work πŸ˜›

14.10.2019 21:49

Thank you I appreciate it

17.10.2019 08:28

Tasty! πŸ˜ƒ Yema is one of my favorite childhood sweets. We can even make a small business sellingg it. 🍬

rainbowme logo

16.10.2019 18:58

Glad to know that and yes I agree you can earn selling Yema just like how I did back in elementary. You got a nice footer

17.10.2019 08:30