Dinner Roll

Hello fellow foodies,

I am back with another first time to try and bake these buns. Well, they look like dinner rolls. My dad and my brother who live next to us need some help going outside to buy their daily needs. I am in the position to assist but I can not go out each time a need arises. A typical breakfast for us is coffee and some bread with some spread on but it had been a challenge going outside to buy lately and I had been busy on my own. To help I decided I bake some bread for breakfast.
This is the final product. I am following a local youtuber in baking a pinoy staple we call pandesal. To my surprise the lowly staple had become a dinner roll. I am happy with the result.

I still have left over of the cream cheese from my previous baking experiment. Zoom in to see the filling I put there to give it some twist. No more spread needed as I had put some cream cheese filling already. The egg wash elevated the look and feel of these fluffy bunch. I had fun and was pleased by the final product.

Keep discovering. Satisfy your curiosity and never get tired learning new things

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