Delicious Treat I Baked Today

If there is one recipe I felt I pull off quite well this would be it. Often times I end up disappointed at the end. Despite following the steps strictly and using the prescribed ingredients in the recipe, the result almost always is lacking in flavor or texture and does not taste right.

Today I am glad I made something that tastes like how I expected it to be : delicious, right sweetness and creamy. I prepared a floating island. Not sure about that but that's what the video tutorial says it is.

Unfortunately I do not have the photo because I for once forgot to snap a picture. One little taste lead to another until it was all gone without me even realizing. I was happy though because that means it is indeed delicious.

Hope you like my drawing although I wished I could have shown you guys a photo. Well maybe next time

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17.09.2019 20:10

Thats a cute drawing, lol! you dont say in your post exactly what desert it is!?!? is it jello!? and perhaps you should have added the video tutorial link in your post. Glad it turned out good non the less! 👍👍👍

17.09.2019 20:13