Be Present Wherever You Are

I love this busy yet interesting pattern on the floor of one of the stores we went to last weekend. I can not help but take a photo and share it with you guys. I was still thinking about what made the busy pattern work, well I figure it could be the tones. All the colors are somewhat on the same level of tone none is overpowered thus making it look harmonized. This was taken from a store that sell cactus just outside the SM City Mall.
Walking around the big mall is quite tiring for my feet and felt hungry too. Yeah this is another food photo as you can tell. We ordered two bowls of Chinese fried rice with some toppings like: fried dumplings, fish fillet, tofu and some slices of fried pork on the other bowl. I love Chinese food next to pinoy food. Given the place that we were in at that given moment, we got not much of a choice on the menu.
And another photo of my plate. I only took three to four photos and that is it because I want to be present at the moment and did not want to be distracted. This is supposed to be our family day although it is only me and my daughter because my husband and son were not able to come home for the weekend. So we should spend the time wisely and with quality. I took photos for the purpose of posting them here on steemit.

It was a rainy day and my mood is dampened somewhat but I tried to be there really and enjoy what we had. Thank you my dear steemit friends for reading this blog post. Until next time.


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